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Full Version: SCARS by Caroline Spector released!
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For anyone who's interested I just wanted to let you know that SCARS by Caroline Spector, the first book in her Immortals Trilogy -- which originally bridged the worlds of Earthdawn (in which the novel is set) with Shadowrun -- is now available for preorder.

The book includes the full original text of the novel (in its first English-language publication), a map of Barsaive, a foreword by author Caroline Spector, an introduction by past FASA president Sam Lewis, and three interior illustrations by Erin Evans. Cover art by Rick Berry.

see for details.


--Jak Koke
right on! Been waiting to get those two books together.
Thanks Jak, and looking forward to the book!
northern lights
most welcome news!

and rick berry, good stuff that!

can't wait, i know what i'm getting for my birthday.
Wounded Ronin
When I see "SCARS", I think of crappy yellow-belt kungfu that special forces dudes make fun of in their spare time.
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