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It says he was descended from the Saito family. Is this the same family as that of the Wolf of Mibuu Hajime Saito, leader of the third squad of the Shinsengumi during the Bakumatsu?
Demonseed Elite

Or at least, he believes so and that was my intent when I wrote it. The Saito family line in general is a line with a lot of samurai history, but Hajime Saito is one of the better known ones. Protectorate-General Saito has some rabblerouser blood in him. wink.gif
Cool, thanks for the reply. smile.gif
It is nice to have the proverbial "horses mouth," is it not?

I don't know much about this fellow--other than what I've read here, I mean (I've read through most of my sourcebooks, but, as I've said before, my memory isn't very good)--but from what I recall, wouldn't "General Nuisance" be a better nickname?

Just asking. wink.gif

P.S.: On second thought, perhaps not. "Nuisance" has a French sound to it, and Saito is Japanese.


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