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Caine Hazen
I know this has likely been on here before, but has anyone gone leads to FASA interactives web page now... makes you wonder...
The official webpage is

The Abstruse One
Some years ago FASA Interactive - those guys responsible for the Mechwarrior computer games and the mythical canceled and uncompleted Shadowrun: Assassin - got bought up by Microsoft. As such they hold the domain and the rights to it. For the longest time the only thing you could see on the page was the big Shadowrun "S" and nothing else. I guess they decided to do something with the domain this time.
Ancient History appears to have been sold to FAFSA. Weird.
Not really. I know a few sites that have also bought up domain names similar to their own so if people make a slight mistake on the url they still get taken to the page. It's also a favourite of less than ethical advertisers that buy up ones that are the most common misspellings of popular sites.
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