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Full Version: What every Ghould & Blood Mage Needs
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What every Ghould & Blood Mage Needs:

Hey Blood Mages,
You know what they say, "Waste not want not". Here's a healthy diet alternative that everyone can enjoy, with out all that messy blood magic.

Tired of getting blood out of your best jeans,

Tired of NERPs,

Tired of all the yelling, and screaming that comes with blood magic,

Well now we've got an alternative, HUFU...HUFU, it's healthy and vegitarian.....

Just what every little Blood mage needs...HUFU, forget NERPS that's sooo 2050's....Now try HUFU.....Need to wax your car HUFU, need something to feed your basalisk HUFU.

Ghouls you know how pesky it is. You've got to follow, stalk, then butcher your prey. Now you can eat human flesh and it's perfectly legal. No more hanging around with the denziens of the underworld, no more spending your evenings hunting down prey, come back to civilization with HUFU yes HUFU......Mom would be proud of you......

HUFU for you, HUFU for me, HUFU for everybody.......H U F U.........
I feel like I've suffered essence loss just looking at that webpage.

It's made of vegans! Vegans! Tell the world!

My game world actually does include a Soylent line of delicious, economical "soy" products. Gotta look carefully at the ingredient list in StufferShack.

Does Aztechnology put it out by any chance?
I'd definately pack some of that in case I accidentally ran into some ghouls. "Hey, don't eat me, have some hufu!" While running away, of course.
EEERGGGG HUFU sniff sniff sniff....ERRRRGGGG HUFU GOOOOOOD!! Chomp chomp chomp chomp.....BURP!!!! .....
Ok Now this may be a stupid question but gouls don't need to eat a lot of human flesh do they? There is the technology in SR to grow replacement body parts for people, why not Goul food. I know cultured parts are expencive, but part of the cost is the surgery, and Gouls would be perfectly happy with rejects. (From what someone said, a not advertised by product of spare part generation is the clone you took the part form. Non viable and flawed, save in the part you needed to take, but a human body none the less)

Oh god, I can see it now, Goul restraunts.
I'm pretty sure that it is somehow related to essence. Cloned parts don't have any unless they are attached to a living person.
They have the Andes story...

By the way, Canessa ran for President once.
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