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Full Version: Spirit powers.
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This came up last night. Things were going the parties way after a few sessions of frustration, so I went with yes, just to keep things flowing. But, I'd like other GM's opinions.
Talia Invierno
Practically, how else could a PC likely to be able to make use of it without invoking technology? Conjuring mist spirits is a shamanic power.
My problem is that the power says specifically that a spirit can use the movement power to help a character move through it's terrain. I'm inclined to think that for a mist spirit, it's terrain would be the air, not the land
Think of "its terrain" as any place where you could be considered to be inside the spirit's domain. If it's misty out, you can certainly move through the misty air with the spirit moving you.
Mr. Unpronounceable
QUOTE (Bearclaw)
I'm inclined to think that for a mist spirit, it's terrain would be the air, not the land

So? A shaman can be in several domains at any given time - it's just a state of mind to determine which one he's in.

Standing on a road which runs through a forest, on the side of a mountain, during a storm...

Which domain is the shaman in? Street, Forest, Mountain, Storm? The canon ruling is whichever domain the shaman thinks he's in.

So as long as there's mist (like fog, or the base of a waterfall, even) there's no problem being on land and in a mist spirit's domain.
Talia Invierno
I'm playing with that idea of how distance seems to skew when walking through fog and mist - it's really difficult sometimes to tell how far you've actually travelled. I'd see it as a variant on that.

Btw there's precedents for "close to" being considered part of domain: you don't have to be physically in a lava flow to conjure a spirit of fire.
To clarify, it's not a question of "domain", but of "terrain".
Mr. Unpronounceable
Terrain is meaningless...unless you're trying to make weaker nature spirits through houserules.

A mist spirit isn't going to do anything outside of mist - but in a fogbank or other misty area, regardless of how solid your footing is, the spirit will be capable of using any of its powers.

OTOH, a great-form mist spirit would be able to use its powers anywhere. (Cue dry ice FX)
Terrian is not meaningless.

From SR3, pg 265.

"The being may use the Movement power to increase or decrease a target's movement rate within the terrain it controls by multiplying or dividing the target's movement rate by the being's Essence."

I realize I may just be nit-picking here, but they say terrian, not domain.
Mr. Unpronounceable
"The terrain it controls" IS the domain of a nature spirit. Since (non-great form)nature spirits can't leave their domain, where else can they try to use their powers?
I gotta go with Mister U on this one. Consider that a mist spirit HAS the movement power, and you know what that does. Terrain cannot be a factor since you're either on the ground, in the air or in the water and no matter where the mist is, there will always be one of the other 3 "basic" terrain types and that's the terrain you'll actually be on/in.

Spirit domains are a state of mind. Whether it's a foggy street or forest, a mist covered lake or a cloud filled night sky, the only thing that matters is the mist. Is there mist or it's equivalent? If yes, then the shaman can "anchor" himself into that domain by force of will, no matter what other terrain type may be around.

Perfect example was the whole road through the forest covered mountains during a thunder storm (that wasn't EXACTLY it but gimme a break). The shaman decides where he's standing, doesn't matter what is or isn't under his feet.

note: The use of the male pronouns does not indicate the exclusion of female shaman. In the advent you feel insulted and outraged by the above, kindly make an appointment with your friendly rectologist and have that bug removed promptly.

Amen Brother Gamer! usuing gender non-specific terms is annoying and personally hard for me to remember to keep doing throughout the same document. screw political correctness!
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