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Full Version: limited edition book cost
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I had seen a cost for it at one time I thought. Is there a cost yet. Also, will we be able to buy multiple copies of limited edition book?
Thanks smile.gif
supposed to be around 39.99 for the limited edition i think and around 29.99 for the regular.
i ve seen on lot of websites
34.99 for the normal edition and 49.99$ the limited
QUOTE (ankh-le-fixer)
i ve seen on lot of websites
34.99 for the normal edition and 49.99$ the limited

That's what I've been seeing too.
My distributor says: " I can get you a normal edition of the book....retails for $35.00. The Limited Edition retails for $50.00....."
Amazon has it for 24.99 (the reg edition)
QUOTE (Shadow @ Aug 12 2005, 11:45 AM)
Amazon has it for 24.99 (the reg edition)

That is actually $23.09 on sale. If you look closely, you'll notice it says regular price $34.99.
Amazon sells nothing but LIES! wink.gif
I buy the lies cheep, and they come with the product so I am happy. I say screw your local stores, bastards charge us $30 for 'shipping'.
I say Amazon does a real bad job of shipping roleplaying stuff on a reasonable time frame. If I buy my birthday present through Amazon, I'm buying it for NEXT year.
I've found that Amazon is typically about a month behind FLGS's in getting roleplaying books, and you should never pay attention to their release dates for anything.

Hell, over 1 1/2 years ago they had this one book I wanted listed as released and ready to ship within 24hrs. I have yet to receive the book, and every couple of months they change the release date for the damn thing. I know that part, ok most, of this is of course the publisher, but still, why the f&*% do they keep posting ridiculous release dates when they have no clue when it will come out?
There are other places to get RPG books online besides Amazon, especially slightly older books.

I don't have a FLGS, just an ULGS.
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