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Full Version: Things I would have liked to see in Loose Alloance
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Pro Elven policlub:

"Church of nobilis Superior" is an elven Policlub disguised as a church (Tax exempt!) that preaches the superiority of Elvenkind or "Homo Nobilis" (NOT! "Homo Sapiens Nobilis") as they call themselves over all other species. According to their teachings Nobilis, due to it's longer lifespan and greater affinity to magic is destined to rule over the lesser beings and usher in a new era of enlightment.

Among their claims are:

+ Elvenkind is chosen by god and made in his liking
+ The other Human races where made to serve

- Trolls as soldiers
- Orks as workers
- Humans as scribes

+dwarfss are a sub-race, an aberrant mutation of Humans

+ All Elves canachievee magic if they work onthemselvess

- Shedding the lesser cultures that soil them
-adherer to the priests advice and directions

The Church operates in multiple tiers with magic being arequirementt to advance beyond a simple priest or layman. For the magical members above priest, the church works as an initiatory group with the stricture "Only elven hermetics" and the initiaton tasks oath, thesis and deed for the first three initiations. Shamans are not accepted to the church and considered "evil"

PhysAds are allowed as "repentant" or "probation" members based on the fact that they "wasted" the magic given to them. To repent, they are tasked with defending the church and it's officials

Members are required to study the church leaders writings on properr elven culture", learn/use Spherentiel, only send their children to church schools, liveseparatee from "lesser" humans, give their tithe to the church etc. At the same time they are to spread the word, organise rallys and help the "chosen" (magical) members to advance to political/economical power.

The "Church" makes money through selling services (Schooling, Housing, Teaching Spherentiel and "Proper behavior courses") and the members tithes and offerings.

A sub-sect, the "Nobilis Ascendent" subgroup believes that their ascendance to power should be hastened by all means including smear campaigns and violence. They are slowly growing in power within the church.

A very small sub-sect is the "Nobilis Supervivo" believes that in the end there will only be elvenkind left. They are quite willing to help the rest of humanity to die out.


7th Street Tribe founded around 2053

At first look the 7th Street Tribe are just another street gang in the mold of the Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples with groups claiming the name but without an inter-city structure like the more modern Cutters . Chapters exists in various cities all over the UCAS ranging in size from 5 to 20 members with organizations following the classical "gang" pattern.

If one looks closer and lives to tell, he'll find a number of differences between the Mages and other gangs. The first and most obvious is the age of the members. Where most gangs range age 14-24, the youngest member of the Tribe is around 17 and the oldest are above 30. The second difference is the universal acceptance of both women and metahumans of any race, color and religion. The third difference is, that while the gang claims territory, they recruit from everywhere and are more likely to re-locate than to fight for their "turf"

Initial observation seems to indicate at a classical "low level" gang with a strange age and member structure that performed rather low-level crime and protection racket. LoneStar tried a few times to infiltrate the group but the undercover agents always where rejected for membership. Given the "low threat" rating of the group, no further methods where taken.

The true nature of the group was understood by accident when an undercover cop running with a rival gang underwent SURGE and gained astral perception. Using it on a "drugged out" Tribe member, a gang known to be very low on magical "juice", he detected that the person was actually using Astral projection. Thanks to an implant telephone the operative was able to inform his superior before vanishing.

Further investigations have led LoneStar Seattle to assume that ALL Members of the Tribe are Mages or Adepts and that rank in the group is based upon the Initiation grade and other magical capabilities. The gang has also been linked to a number of break-ins, kidnappings and assassinations as well as some prostitution rings also no conclusive proof has been gathered so far.

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