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Full Version: Aborigine Magic - Death Curses
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In Target: Awakened Lands there's a particular spell, although it could have been a metamagic, that allowed aborigine shamans to cast a spell at a character that caused them to take damage every day until they died. A kind of curse spell if you will.

I need to get the information for it for GenCon but I don't have any of my books with me now so I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to post the details for the spell? Thanks.
Herald of Verjigorm
It was just manabolt with the altered effect that the damage occurs one box each day. The damage would not heal naturally until the spell had completed or the spellcaster canceled the effect (free action to cancel it, LoS not even needed at that step). The damage could be magically healed once, and that could be done before the effects were completed.
I think it was dispellable from the moment cast until the last box was done, but that would only prevent further damage. I may be confusing it with delay damage on that part.
Pretty much right. To clarify a little, healing magic can be applied only once for all the spells damage. And can indeed be dispelled at any time from casting to completion
I like working variations on these, like Decrease (att), transform w/ permananet duration, that sort of thing. Once you open the door for longer effect/duartion spells, there's a ton of new possibilities. Probably not a lot of practical applications for runners, but very neat for the setting in general IMO.
Herald of Verjigorm
I've thought about a stun variant. Imagine getting hit by a spell that causes deadly stun which won't heal for 10 days, but will only knock you out for an hour on the tenth day. Since stun can only be magically healed with a rarely taken new adept option, and stimpacks will just make it worse in the long run, it is more malicious while somewhat less deadly.

Then after thinking about that, I wondered if it would be at all balanced if the stun variant just took one hour per box to take effect.
I wonder if it requires you do the stick-second-penis thing like they do in real life for that.
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