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Full Version: Need advice on sourcebook purchase
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The title pretty much says it all. Should I bother purchasing the Universal Brotherhood pdf if I have the stats for insect spirits in Magic in the Shadows? For the record, my campaign is set in 2054.

Thanks in advance for your input & advice.
UB is a first edition set, and most of the Universal Brotherhood things happened right around the early 50's. Its a very well written supplement, but its not necessary if you already have the stats that are up to date, as well as some motivation.

What UB can give you at this point is a backlog of things the bugs were up to, and how they did it.

And if you are a collector, a hardcopy UB is almost worth its weight in gold.
Buy it for the fiction. The adventure Missing Blood should easily fit into your timeline.
I have to agree with tisoz. The first part of the book is basically a long 'short story' about a man discovering the true nature of the UB. It's one of my favorite bits of SR fiction. The second part is a pretty decent adventure involving the UB and insects. If you don't really care about SR fiction or adventures then you might want to skip it if your short on cash, but it's on my personal list of 'must haves'.
Okay, these opinions really help. Thanks for your input.
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