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Full Version: A blatantly ripped off artifact
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The physical Sword of Greyskull

The Sword of Greyskull is a unique stacked weapon/anchoring focus with a force of 8. It usualy acts as a standard force 8 weapon focus.
When the anchor is activated by the phrase "I have the power", the sword adds its force to the wielder's physical stats, 1/2 force to initiative, provides protection equivilant to an armor spell of 1/2 its force, and causes the wielder to physically transform into a very muscular human. This lasts for (Essence +1d6) minutes, after when the user suffers (Force)S drain in addition to any physical wounds sustained while transformed. All stun wounds, except for those caused by drain, are healed by the transformation.
The sword's wielder can transform as often as he or she likes. An Adept with the Attunement(animal) metamagic may choose to split the transformation bonuses evenly between himself and a bound animal by pointing the sword at the animal after saying "I have the power". The animal is transformed into a ridable steed no matter what its size and all of its stun wounds are healed. Physical wounds still carry over. Each recieves half of the stat bonuses and half of the armor.

The magical Sword of Greyskull

This Sword is identical to its companion, except for the fact that the blade is purple. It is also a force 8 weapon/anchoring focus. It doesn't require an activation phrase, it just has to be held. When held, it adds its force to the wielder's mental stats and reaction. It also adds 1/2 of its force to the wielder's magic stat and provides shielding dice equal to 1/2 of its force.

Even mundanes and burnouts recieve the magic rating bonus, allowing them to learn and use magic skills as a full magician. Mundanes and burnouts who recieve a magic rating this way cannot astrally percieve or project nor can they use metamagics initiate to raise their artificial magic rating. Physical adepts who possess the weapon have access to magical skills as if they were magician adepts. However, they initiate as physical adepts and cannot learn any metamagics that are reserved for magicians.

Mundanes and physical adepts benefiting from this focus must learn magical skills and spells using their own karma.

The Sword of Greyskull
When brought together, the two Swords of Geryskull fuse into a single force 16 weapon focus. It provides all of the benefits and bonuses of the two swords at its new force. In addition, it also acts as a key to the Castle Greyskull.

Greyskull houses magical knowledge and power accumilated during both the Second and Fourth worlds. Before the last scourge it was physically moved into an obscure metaplane known as Eternia and hasn't been seen since.

The physical sword of Geryskull is currently lost. The magical sword is in the possession of a Magician's Way Adept of unknown grade who doesn't have any skin on his face.
Lol, but the real question is do you get a free fur loincloth. And what happens if you're riding a car or a bike, does it turn into a transformer?
Does your spirit possessed awakened pet tiger become more powerful and less cowardly?
No and yes.
It works best when your He-man character has an INT that is less than or equal to 1.
Crusher Bob
Of course, we never see a show where someone gets smarter, in their righteous might, instead of much stronger. Transforming into Ulysses and talking to your enemies until their heads explode would just not do.

Maybe the transformation should be powered by the transformee’s cowardice, stupidity, and general belief that righteousness will substitute for training, armor, and ammunition?
QUOTE (Crusher Bob)
Of course, we never see a show where someone gets smarter, in their righteous might, instead of much stronger. Transforming into Ulysses and talking to your enemies until their heads explode would just not do.

In the original Transformers the Technobots combined into Computron. Computron was the single most intelligent entity in the Transformers universe. Of course, he also had a very big gun.
So when you use these artifacts, how much does you Kinsey scale slide by?
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