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I have 3rd Edition, Magic in the Shadows, and New Seattle. What are the next go to purchases?

I'm thinking the Shadowrun Companion, and Man and Machine, since my players like Sammies.

Anything that you guys would consider vital?

(and before it gets said, I know 4th is coming out, so it might seem silly to buy up 3rd edition, but my players and I missed out alot of stuff in 3rd, the last time i played before getting back in was 2nd edition) so I want them to get the chance to enjoy it. Maybe I'll move on to 4th when 5th edition comes out!)
Well, the Shadowrun Companion gives you a lot of stuff on creating characters, and the points system is a lot better than priority for creating meta characters (for example it's hard to do an Elf Street Sam using the priority system), so that's always a good choice.

If you're playing sammies a lot, the Cannon Companion is a good choice, as it has rules for martial arts, unarmed weapons & a lot of guns.

Man & Machine is also a decent choice, as it gives you some really nice cyberware options (Pain Filters being a personal favourite, just for the look of horror)..

Other than that...hmm...actually, other than that I'm really not sure. So, Cannon Companion, Man & Machine and the Companion would be my suggestions.
I'd get all of the "essential" books. SR Companion, Cannon Companion, Man & Machine, Rigger 3, Magic in the Shadows, Sprawl Survival Guide, Critters, and New Seattle. The only reason I say this is even if your players don't play certain things, that doesn't mean your NPC's have to be as limited. Remember...a bug shaman here and an army of drones there are always nice things to have to give your players a speed bump. ^.^ Hehe...yeah. Speed bump. Let's call it that.
I'll second the sprawl survival guide mention. It doesn't have much in the way of rules, but I've often set it on a table where I have a few newbies playing and let them peruse that while someone else is doing astral recon or a matrix run or something. It's a masterwork when it comes to helping people understand what's going on in the sixth world. 'Course, it'll be a little out of date with respect to technology level for those playing 4th edition, but that shouldn't matter to you 3E hangers on biggrin.gif
I'd tend to add Matrix onto the core list of essential books.
Yeah...I forgot the Matrix book. nyahnyah.gif I usually do because the Matrix rules are so long and hard to figure out. Damn deckers and their split-second processes taking an hour to role play.
I really appreciate your help guys.

matrix may be a good addition, since I play alot of one on one (just a gm and a player) so slowing down makes no difference. (I know 1 on 1 isn't optimal, but some times its all i got and i need an SR fix. It does allow you to do interesting things with the gritty paranoid feeling, since the player can't be sure the loyalty of teammates.)

I think crystal blue pretty much summed it up. If you can still find it though the Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life is a fantastic book. Sorta like the Sprawl Survival Guide I guess but I dunno... I just like it better. Downside is... It's been out of print for so long I can't even remember if it's for first or second edition. LoneStar is also a good book to have on the DM side of the screen if you can find it. Provides a lot of detail into the runners most common enemy.
Lone Star is a great book, but it is also very rare and expensive when you can find it, not unusual at all to see it go for $50 on eBay.

Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life is a good book too, but I wouldn't put it as an "essential" book. Though its out of print you can get one on eBay fairly cheap.
The Anarchist's Guide is also being converted into a .pdf and going up on at some point...was mentioned in Shadowcast, I think.
thanks guys, I appreciate the help!
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