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Full Version: Limited Edition +PDF bundle?
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Any chance of there being a limited edition +PDF bundle available on wednesday? I can wait for my book, I just want them rules now!
Yes, it was mentioned on a while back.

I'm just wondering if Battlecorps uses DRM on their PDFs. Never bought anything from them before, but I'd like to now. biggrin.gif
No. Unlike DriveThruRPG, they don't even watermark.

nothing on battlecorps, though someone might take note and do something.....yeah right

also nothing on drivethrurpg about SR4 period

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
No. Unlike DriveThruRPG, they don't even watermark.


Sweet. I'm gonna have to hurt my credit card and get that bundle when it goes live on Wednesday, then. cyber.gif
My players want me to stay up until midnight and grab it as soon as possible, they want me to start SR4 this friday.
Eddie Furious
QUOTE (Bandwidthoracle)
My players want me to stay up until midnight and grab it as soon as possible, they want me to start SR4 this friday.

Yikes! At least my crew is gonna give me until the end of September!
Well, speaking as one of BW's crew, we are all excited and hopeful about SR4, but so is the gm, as far as I can tell. ;) Still, if you feel like we're rushing you, feel free to slow down. We're perfectly willing to wait. And if that doesn't work, distract with shinies...
I don't believe that there will be a bundle, but the SR4 Limited Edition is available for pre-order now:
Does this:
Limited to 1000 copies, this book is leatherbound with a foil-stamp of the new Shadowrun logo and 8 more pages of new fiction!

.. mean that it will be leather bound with foil-stamp of the new logo, and no other artwork on the cover? That would actually make me buy the limited edition, no matter how Iīve tried to calm down the outrage on the cover art.
That is correct.
You just got yourself a pre-order, Adam. Iīve been one of the most enthusiastic cheer-leaders in the run up to this release, and I donīt have a doubt that I will be more than happy with it. smile.gif
I feel so much better about my pre-order now as well, thanks Adam.
Chalk up one more preorder...
$50 bucks eh??? Hrmmmmmmm... gotta weigh this one out. Would be nice next to the BBB.
Ehhh... I was really looking forward to a print+PDF bundle. I see now that was based on someone's misinterpretation of a post. frown.gif

Now I'm not sure what I'll do. Probably just hold off and pick it up when it gets to a store. :/
Anyone happen to know if BattleCorps charges you when the order is made or not until they are ready to ship on pre orders? I should have the money to cover this until payday but things are a little tight right now.
When I placed my order the money was instantly reserved on my account. Itīll probably be debited soon.
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