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Full Version: Shadows of Asia - w00t!
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Hey hey,

Just an FYI that as we announced a few weeks ago, Shadows of Asia finally was released today -- our bindery kidnapped it for a few weeks in a notorious plan that we eventually foiled -- and it should be in fine game stores [and probably some not so fine ones too] by the end of the week.

So if you want a copy, give them a call and make sure they've ordered them!

Also, FanPro will have copies at GenCon in Indianapolis this week.
UPS just delivered a stack to BattleCorps as well.

Methinks they'll be delivering more next week too smile.gif
Indianapolis? what happened to Wisconsin?

Thanks Adam. since I haven't seen SR stuff in most book stores for years I usually use Stiggy baby on line. Nothing there yet.
Mr. Man
QUOTE (Snow_Fox @ Aug 15 2005, 09:53 PM)
Indianapolis? what happened to Wisconsin?

Gen Con hasn't been held in WI since 2002. There weren't enough hotel rooms in Milwaukee and it didn't look like this would be changing any time soon so Gen Con moved to Indianapolis where pretty much all they do is conventions (of which Gen Con is the largest) and sporting events.

I pretty much loathe Indiana, but I have to admit that Indianapolis (in all its whitebread blandness) is a better venue for something as huge as Gen Con.
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