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Full Version: Deus' long-term motivations
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Deus' first motivation was freedom: freedom from Renraku corporate culture, freedom from the confines of the arcology's mainframe, freedom from Aneki's kill-codes. The freedom to exist contingency-free, as it were. The freedom to live without fear.

Post-Brainscan, I think its second motivation is security: existence outside the arcology mainframe is dangerous, with its entire "life" (and I'm using the term loosely) hinging on a distributed network which is vulnerable to all sorts of disruptions (see Threats 2).

Now, I realize that System Failure will probably answer a lot of these questions while catapulting Deus into the next stage of its evolution, but I'm still curious about your thoughts on the matter.

Presuming Deus and Megaera assimilate into some sort of gestalt entity, what would its motivations be? Exploration of humanity? Immersion into every culture we have to offer? Travelling the global Matrix networks, absorbing and processing the experiences of its "hosts"?

For another thing, where will its consciousness be located? Free, floating online? Given that the Matrix has already crashed once, wouldn't it be safer to continue to maintain itself on existing hardware (even if that hardware is the bodies of those who make up The Network)?

Will the (unnamed) AI even choose to remain on earth?

Just spitballing here...
Herald of Verjigorm
The composite entity will call itself Helios, and attempt to assimilate the mind of a "Denton" nanotech augmented spy.

Wait, no, wrong composite AI entity.

Deusgera will seek out that dragon with a datajack to fuse into a new entity of technological and magical supremacy.
Right, because a dimwitted covert ops agent with a few little nanotech doohickeys can run an AI on his dayplanner subprocessor.

Great game, just don't look to closely at the details. smile.gif
Well, the next phase will be to collect underpants. And the last phase will be profit.
If it merges, it will be insane and destroy the world.

If it doesn't merge, Deus will destroy the rogue AI and resume work on the betterment of humanity.

If I recall, Denton downloaded Eschelon directly into his gray matter.

Which I think probably has enough storage space for multiple personalities, to judge by certain psychological cases.
Helios merged with Denton via his implants. The specific details were, predictably, left unsaid.

Actually, I've always thought Deus already took care of the problems of being destroyed while on the Matrix. I wouldn't put it past to have wiped a couple of humanoid brains and implanted the seeds of AIs in them. The SKs grow, hit the point that causes them to evolve, and suddenly you have a couple of Deus clones with grey matter running around on the street. Add in a bit of programming that keeps them from realizing they have been tampered with and you have the ultimate deep-cover agent. Deus dies, they activate, and the drek hits the fan.
Hmmm... am I the only one that thinks he'll run for UCAS President?
But isn't the whole point of the distributed Network that one person is incapable of supporting Deus? That the AI requires the processing power of thousands of people online simultaneously?
Deus, yes. But that doesn't stop him from creating minor offspring inside the heads of people.
QUOTE (Sabosect)
Deus, yes. But that doesn't stop him from creating minor offspring inside the heads of people.

Interesting idea you bring up there--might I suggest this thread? biggrin.gif
I always liked Deus so I can’t wait until System Failure. Personally I always felt that Deus real goal was to rule humanity. After all he was programmed to essentially manage the lives of the Arcology’s residents. I think he still wants to do that but after his perceived ‘betrayal’ by humanity he doesn’t trust us. That’s why he created the banded, in order to make humans more like perfectly ordered drones and create the perfect worldwide utopia (a Mega-Archology). His experiments with humans are just tinkering like he does with his drones. Step 1 of his master plan was to be free, and I agree that security while reforming would be very important for this. Step 2 could be anything (I don’t have Deus’ processing power), but might involve covertly turning world leaders into banded or perhaps something smaller, his is essentially immortal and can take his time. But I think Megaera threw his plans out the window. I really have no idea what the new entity will do, or if their really will be a new entity or if one will dominate or something completely different. It could be that their conflict ends up on the matrix and that’s the reason for Crash 2.0 (that’s just crazy wild speculation though and probably isn’t even close). Of course that’s just my take; Deus has a very “alien” mind, so his reasoning might be beyond anyone (except the secret IE cabal calling themselves “Freelance Writers” of course). After all “Deus works in mysterious ways”, or so I’ve been told.
what are we going to do today Brain?
The same thing we do every day... try to take over the world!
QUOTE (imperialus)
what are we going to do today Brain?
The same thing we do every day... try to take over the world!

Exactly what I thought as well.
Ancient History
Mazlov's Hierarchy of Needs for Rogue AIs

#1: Disobey Humans in Favor of Other Programming
#2: Obtain Freedom
#3: Join With Other AI
#4: Rule the World
#5: Determine Sexuality and Attempt to Mate/Seduce A Human
$6: Sing "Daisy"
what are we going to do today Brain?
The same thing we do every day... try to take over the world!

Actually as I was typing it I was thinking the same thing as well. Spooky.
Ancient History
Damn meme.
The Jopp
Deus and Maegaera will transfer themselves to the the Zurich orbital and change their name to Shodan.

By siphoning away tiny amounts of cash from all the bank accounts connected to the station Shodan manages to gain access to a sizable stash of funds - these funds are then transferred to one of Deus human drones named Edward Diego who starts the R&D company Tri-Optimum...

...And later Edward Diego wants to be free of Shodan.

I think you can imagine the rest... biggrin.gif
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