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Full Version: Social Pool
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Alright, since its probably been brought up I'm not going to lie - I haven't looked for it, but I haven't heard much about it anyway. Since it looks more and more like SR3 for me for the next 10-ish years, I figured its time to bring up a few ideas and since Kagetenshi has been kind enough to do a lot of that already, I'm going to ask a question which is somewhat begged at quite a lot: Dice pools OTHER then the ones already listed.

I would think a social pool would probably be Charisma + Intellegence/3. Not too many dice, but refreshed each day for each contact/NPC. In addition to the dice recieved per NPC for your scores, the following chart is pretty simple

Any kind of enemy: GM's discretion (no amount of smooth talk will convince the husband of the woman who's head you're carrying around without a body not to call the cops)
Ordinary NPC: 0 extra dice.
RT 1 contact: 1 extra die
RT 2: 2 extra die
RT 3: 3+ extra die.

Depending on circumstance, a GM could give or remove dice, but that's pretty common. Social dice can be used for anything from Ettiquite tests to trying (likely in a futile fashion) to persuade a guard to give you the keys to your cell.

Pg. 48 of Shadowrun Companion has rules for a social pool. You're close it's cha+int/2 and can be used on any social test.

EDIT- I'm pretty sure it's also in SR3 BBB but mine's MIA right now so if someone else can say it be much appreciated.
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