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Full Version: Things are a changin....
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Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows if the SR4 game stuff will take the main forumn spot, and this will become a different topic, or how things will change around here?
More then likely, it will depend on the sucess of SR4. If a lot of people like it and convert, it'll take over eventually. My guess? The board will stay SR3 dependant for some time.
For a while everyone will have to specify what ruleset they're using, after which the dominant one will become the default.

Note that there's nothing off-topic about First Edition Shadowrun questions in this forum, and we still very occasionally see second-ed questions.

Why not just have 2 parent categories .. one for sr3 and one for sr4 ... who cares about what order they are in... I would suspect that not everyone will jump onto sr4 right away.
Well, not all questions are version dependant. Separating into categories like that would cause some confusion over which place they should be started in. Rules specific questions can always state which version.
Maybe an icon for the initial post like the OOC and IC ones, to state SR 3 or 4
QUOTE (Nikoli)
Maybe an icon for the initial post like the OOC and IC ones, to state SR 3 or 4

Yeah, that's a good idea. I hope it's taken up.
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