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Full Version: Dragons in the Tibet Sky
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An amateur photograph took the picture of two dragons in the Tibet sky....

Could Lung or Ryumyo have been awakened earlier?! eek.gif
I think it's both frightening and wierdly neat, when you can look to a pen and paper RPG for predictions of the future, hehe.

Still... I dunno, it's probably a fake.
For those that still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, and like it that way, i've put my comments in a spoiler. smile.gif

[ Spoiler ]

Note: That means i'm saying it likely isn't a faked photo at all.
Blakkie, can you provide with some glacial flow pictures for comparison?
QUOTE (Overwatch @ Aug 19 2005, 12:19 PM)
Blakkie, can you provide with some glacial flow pictures for comparison?

That JPG linked inside the spoiler is the best one i could find in a quick Google picture search to show the effect i think i shown in the photograph. Where the glacier flows off the right side has the same semi-irregular bands, though visually smaller because of distance, that i think are seen as 'dragon scales' in the photo.

EDIT: I think that glacier i linked is also running over a smoother, flater bed. I saw a few other glacier pics with more rugged cracking, but nothing from a top view, and nothing else that showed that elegant organic flowing curves.

Still that photo has an erie beauty too it.
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