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Full Version: Ruthenium Polymers
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Regarding Ruthenium Polymers

Ruthenium Dermal Sheath - Does the cloaking effect generated from the dermal sheath also camouflage clothing, weapons, or gear that is carried by the character? Or would a character need to have his armor or clothing made from the same polymers, or does it extend to items that are carried or worn?

Would players/nps need to percieve the target during combat, if the target enters the battle cloaked or activates it on one of his turns? If so, unless the players or npcs were succesfull in percieving the target, would they be able to target him, or use other means in spotting him?
Kanada Ten
Moving at combat speeds defeats the ruthenium polymers ability to hide the character; he or she appears as a blurr of colors, which is quite obvious. A sniper situation is different.

Dermal sheath coated with ruthenium does not, in anyway, conceal anything beyond the bounderies of the characters skin (which is the sheath). A weapon in a cyberholsters can be concealed, but not one in the hand - unless it too was covered in the polymer.
Basically, a character would either go sneaking around naked to get the concealment from the Rutheium Sheath, or get a Rutheium Parka. Its your skin that is doing the camo. Otherwise armor is like putting a vest on a chameleon, or throwing a blanket over a character with the Invis spell on.
Ruthenium dermal sheathing is like Major Kusanagi's thermoptic skin from the Ghost in the Shell movie. It is a good excuse to have you sammie or covert ops specialist strip naked.

Also, remember that ruth doesn't protect against blind fire, searching fire, and suppressive sire.
Shanshu Freeman
And this may be a shot in the dark, but ruthenium is only optic, right?

That means that a portion of the population can still see you with their natural vision, thermographic...
I believe that it is actually easier for characters with thermographic vision to see you because Ruthenium generates quite a bit of heat.
You halve the rating of the ruthenium for thermo or ultrasound based perception tests.
Would one count this as armor mod? If so, what level?
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