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Full Version: "On the Run"
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First of all I did a search in the SR4 forum and quickly checked some threads but didn´t find any info.

When I was pre-ordering the SR4 rulebook from a swedish store I saw they had a additional SR4 product: an adventure called "On the Run". <Link for swedish speaking people>. I haven´t found any info on this on the Shadowrun homepage so I´m wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Is it before or after System Failure?
Introduction adventure like first Run?
Go to FAQ #6, one page back in the blog on .

Q. What SR4 sourcebooks will follow the main rulebook?
A. The first SR4 support product will be the Shadowrun Fourth Edition Gamemaster’s Screen (Which will include a small booklet of plot hooks, contacts, and other info for a GM). Following that will be On the Run, an introductory adventure. You will also see an SR4 Character Dossier.
From there, we’ll be moving on to Runner Havens, the first core setting book. This will focus on both Seattle and Hong Kong in 2070, as centers of shadowrunning activity. It will also touch on a few other locations, and discuss how you can adopt any setting as a shadowrunner haven.
Following that will be Street Magic, the advanced magic rulebook for SR4. In addition to advanced rules, it will contain source material on Awakened affairs in 2070.
Aha. Thanks, they should have put it in Upcoming Releases instead of the FAQ since they must have it (almost)ready to ship for the store to list it. Funny they did not list the other products in the FAQ(Gamemaster’s Screen, Character Dossier, System Failure, etc etc) for pre-ordering.

Mystery solved.
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