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Kanada Ten
Three travelers, their cloths fresh and bright despite the long walk, had come upon his camp -his village really- with smiles and gifts for the mothers and cordial greeting for the pirates.

"I wish to speak with one who lives within the Dark Jungle. For you to forge a path and guard our travel is all I ask," she said, her voice rich in timber, dark skin almost liquid black -like night clothed in flesh.

"And he has no phone?" The Captain had asked, suspicious from the moment the travelers walked into sight.

Smiling gently she said, "No... I'm afraid he has little in the way of modern amenities and leaves his jungle home... rarely."

Her fingers were soft and warm as they traced across his palm, though he could not recall when she had taken his hand into hers.

Swallowing the Captain asked, "And how much would you be paying for some scuvey, pillaging pirates to 'forge you a path?'"

She answered, and he swallowed again.
Kanada Ten
A dwarf Johnson with little rep hires a young team to forge documents regarding the lethality of a paint additive from an R&D company in their home city. The company is part of the Fatima Petrochemicals umbrella - though hidden by a few layers - and the additive will be used in paint for the Saeder-Krupp servers to be installed around europe. The runners are to make the additive seem safe to a supplied list of conditions.

One year later, assuming all went well, the same dwarf Johnson will hire the runners if any survived that long. A middle manager for a paint company located in the AGS will be on vacation soon. He will stop in their city for a short stay and convention. They are to inject him using a provided syringe. The syringe contains a potent carcinogen that will give the victim a consistently fatal cancer within a year or two.

Should any runners be alive, one year later, the same dwarf Johnson hires the runners to extract the manager, deliver him to a hospital in Quebec, and deliver data acquired from him to news stations around Europe. The data shows a cover-up of cancer cases in both the painting factory and installation sites. It points to conspiracies to withhold information about the paint's lethality when statically charged that reach up to Saeder-Krupp's lower rungs.

The dwarf could also hire different runners for each job.

Side jobs: Convince convention organizer to hold paint convention in runner's home town. Deliver and inject cancer cure without arousing the suspicion of the doctors. Kill the runners who switched the safety data directly following that job.
A plot to frame Lofwyr for mass poisoning. Nice.
Kanada Ten
A plot to frame Lofwyr for mass poisoning.

Actually, it is just to discredit SK affliated paint compaines so that a paint company working for Aden's pawn can get a contract on paint coating for chemical refineries. Slip a little catalyst into the paint... a catalyst that simply waits for a rare activator agent.. and messy messy. Assaination by industrial accident. The result looks like pipe overstress.
Me likey. Want wingy. biggrin.gif
I'm on the last run of a campaign with my players, and only one run before did they find out they were working for Alamaise. After that, they didn't really have any choice but to take the run, so their working on it.

Most of the campaign was simply normal runs, Alamaise testing the runners.

This part though, involves Transys Neuronet. As the book lists, they are working on something for direct matrix interface with dragons. When this is claimed, I'm sticking to D's will, and Lofwyr will show up to test it out.

Alamaise has a spy in Transys let him know when Transys completes the design and finds out when Lofwyr will be visiting. He then sends the shadowrunners to that facility the night before Lofwyr comes, to implant an extra chip in the interface. The trick is they have to make it look like there was no run of course, otherwise Lofwyr won't show.

The Transys Neuronet facility is also built right on top of Celedyr's lair, for more fun. And to keep the not-so-stealthy people in the group happy, they have to take over the control center of the compound for the stealths to get to the interface. Then the non-stealths go make it look like another part of the compound was targeted.

Now in this case, if they refused the run, they probably would get munched by Alamiase. If they go on it and fail in the initial part of the run, they get munched by Celedyr, and if they fail to make a clean getaway, they get munched by Lofwyr. Meanwhile, mistrust grows between all three dragons.

I know it's a bit staged and unlikely, but its working out well enough.
A bit unfair huh? I mean seriously, you can't be giving them much margin for error in this mission without majorly adjusting target numbers right? Three dragons, how experienced are your players? Or rather, how buff or skilled did you make them in the previous missions? That has to be one meagrider of a mission, even should they somehow make it safely out. I could see Alamais alone but not the other two together. Or are your players masochists?
Oh but the bragging rights!!

That you don't get cos any one of the fore mentioned will hunt you if you start bragging. oh well.
Oh but the bragging rights!!

That you don't get cos any one of the fore mentioned will hunt you if you start bragging. oh well.

Ya right, its more like advertising your self as the NEW IMPROVED DRAGON MUNCHIES LINE FROM PURINA FOOD MIX!

And you can't really brag about said run if your GM had to majorly adjust the damge levels and the TN's. It's like climbing mount Everest with a helicopter to "give you a bit of progress to start you off".
Well, so far they've made pretty good use of their time. Lots of planning and fashion spells, along with physical mask and good negotiations tests, managed to get them into the residential part of the compound, then through the service tunnels, and eventually into the control center. And yes, they were rolling extremely well, expesially on all their charisma checks for getting in. (stupid skunk shaman rolling 28 on getting past the guard grumble grumble). Unfortunetly, they were not as good about hidding their trail as they thought, and they also left their rigger alone in a van in the corporate garage. We'll be finishing the run tommorow night, where the goons really come out, and if they're lucky the'll get the stealthy people away from the main group before the area gets sealed off. It's looking like the rigger might make it out, and they might pull off the plant, but I think the rest of the team is probably going down. Now I just need to figure out how to take down a troll in heavy military armor with magic resistance 4.

Interesting way of faking the door locks though. Had the shaman with physical mask and fashion stand at the door lock going through the motions, while the electritian in the ruthenium polymer tinkers with the lock to make it open. If a guard looks, it's being opened by exactly who should be there.

And of course, they have no idea of what the machine they're putting the chip in does, or that Lofwyr is involved at all. In my case, I'm thinking of maybe the chip puts some kind of btl feed into the line, or some kind of addictive property with a hypnosis to give Alamaise control of Lofwyr. Course, the runners have nothing to do with that part, as they have no decker on the run, and none of them tried to figure out what the chip did before hand.
QUOTE (Thistledown)
Now I just need to figure out how to take down a troll in heavy military armor with magic resistance 4.

Easy, considering how much the aforementioned troll and his armour weighs, have him fall through a floor or 2 (assuming standard cyber monster troll)

or just toss a force 6 deadly mana bolt at him when there's noone to give him spell defence, those 4 dice only have a good chance of getting him one success without rerolls. oh and you it makes him immune to spells that require a voluntry target like say heal?
You forget: Standard troll monster sams have 0.1 Essense in the first place. So Heal is already out of the question. Guardian Angel implant is more likely.
given that he's got the Magic Resistance adept power, i'm doubting his essence is all that low.
QUOTE (mfb)
given that he's got the Magic Resistance adept power, i'm doubting his essence is all that low.

I think not. Magic Resistance Edge has a max of 4. Magic resistance 4, coincidence? I think not.
Yes, it is the edge, he's mundane, with almost nothing left on essence. And I think I will go look up the rules for fall damage, that could work well.
Well, only the troll ended up using hand of god, but they did have some help from an NPC I had scripted beforehand, which showed up a few turns after the shots were firing. 22 beefy guards with assualt rifles and apds were making swiss cheese of the troll, who had run out into the room alone not expecting apds. For the HOG, one of the guards accidently had his gun pointed backwards, and ended up killing two of his buds and wounding himself.

The team made it back to the van, which security had removed parts from, then rescued the rigger, who was captured while they were out, then tried to figure out how to leave the compound. Their solution? Cut off the engine area of the van, to make it lighter, then get everybody inside and cast levitate on it. He rolled something like a 17, so it worked, although they needed some extra propulsion from a panther cannon shooting out the back.
Just Jonny
This is slightly off-topic, but does anyone remember where the falling damage rule are at? Becaue I can't, and have been unable to find them since forgetting.
Kanada Ten
Shadowrun Companion for third edition (I think) and Fields of Fire for second (I think). You can also use the crash rules where speed equates damage level. Terminal velocity for a human spread eagle is 60 meter per second, IIRC. You may have better luck using the Search function on the main Shadowrun section.
Kanada Ten

Hired by a slick travel agent named Maria, the runners are offered a three week paid vacation to Rio. First, they just need to hit this facility in Chile. It seems that Mitsuhama has been kidnaping members of the Amazonian Army. Needless to say they have undergone horrible torture and more, but that's not what's important according to Maria. Amazonia cannot allow Mitsuhama to "convert" their soldiers. The runners are to act mainly as distraction by blasting open the facility's animal holding center and helping the critters escape. This will cause Mitsuhama security to go after them. Lead the guards on a wild goose chase as long as possible and then fade into the jungles. They are given a snake tooth necklace that will act as a passport through the Amazon.

Of course, the animals are actually the Amazonian soldiers, but that's not important for the runners to know.
Kanada Ten

Using their new connections in Japan, Transys Neuronet began secretly developing a universal language skillsoft, which would incorporate physical and facial ques into its algorithms. To keep the full scope of the project hidden, they broke the research into several individual groups and spread among several firms, using overlapping but segmented goals. After a few months, a contact in Japan offers them some translation code she acquired, and when examined rgus code looks remarkably similar to the research done by one of the Japanese partner firms. If Celedyr accuses them outright and cannot prove wrongdoing, then Transys will lose face, and, perhaps worse, the Emperor will lose face.

He decides on hiring runners to spy on the research partner. If they can trace the wrongdoing, then they are to set-up the perpetrator or otherwise acquire evidence of the crime. The evidence will be edited and sent to the Japanese media, allowing Transys to gracefully end relations with the firm. However, without strong contacts in Japan, using Japanese runners is risky. Therefore, Celedyr hires the team from outside Japan with the explicit instructions that they must not be caught by authorities.

The runners may discover that the Yakuza is extorting the information from the partner firm (on behalf of Mitsuhama, though this would take digging through police and corporate records to connect the syndicate members). Or perhaps the firms director harbored deep connections to the Yakuza, or simply old guard beliefs and was working deliberately against Transys.
more please k10
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