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I've seen the picture in SR3 with the Merciless Ming's restaurant/hotdog cart thing, and I was thinking it would make for a great run of T-shirts. Have some stupid questions first:

First, is Merciless Ming's copyrighted? Could I just go ahead and make up some T-shirts no-questions-asked?

Second, What the hell kindof food do they serve? Nez-Perce/Chinese?

Third, anybody have some good art or ideas for a T-shirt design?

Fourth, does anybody want a Merciless Ming's T-shirt?

Fifth, Was Merciless Ming's inspired by Queen's songs of Ming the Merciless, or does it go to the Flash Gordon films?
Fresno Bob
First: *shrug*

Second: Khlav Kalash...on a stick.

Third: Not really. I could probably come up with one, though, given some time.

Fourth: If the design was well incorporated into the shirt, meaning not just an ugly square picture on a white T(aka, anything sold at Cafepress). Also, the design would have to be visually appealing. And I'd need it to be on a black, tan, and/or dark grey shirt, because I don't like the way white looks on me.

Fifth: I've always figured it was Flash Gordon. Steel ball to the head!
I was looking at something in a white or red silkscreen on black underarmor
Fresno Bob
That sounds workable. Now alls ya need is a well crafted, eye-catching design.
Flash and Ming were around since the '30's
Queen did the music to the movie in the early '80's.
I might be interested in a T-shirt. Excellent geek wear for conventions. I'd have to have prizes for anyone who got the reference, though smile.gif
In regard to Merciless Ming's, this is a short exerpt from some of my girlfriend's fan fiction...

>>>>>[Chernobyl Curry Chicken, all the way. That unnaturally bright yellow curry will make you slough off your gut lining in a sluice of fiery unpleasantness. You won't give a frag about the drugs your Johnson had stashed in the sauce when that glorious toxic mess hits you. I swear by it...nothing like losing a few feet of your lower intestine to teach you fortitude.]<<<<<
-- Sailor Bacon

I agree with Bearclaw on the origin of Ming.

If a good design can be found, on a colored 'ringer' style teeshirt it would be not only tasteful, but less geeky than a plain jane tee. While yes, Cafepress has a reputation for making shitty white teeshirts, if the box is large enough, and the colors for the Tee selected carefully, it can still be a good option. (As a demonstration, check out Talk Like A Pirate Cafepress). Maybe they have something tasteful available now?

*EDIT: In shorter words, yes, we'd like some.
Fresno Bob
The TLAP shirts are pretty neat looking, but I can think of many places that sell much better pirate shirts(, for example).

My main problem with Cafepress is that the shirts don't come in enough colors, and its difficult to create decent looking designs that are incorporated well into the shirt. For example, you could just put a white skull and bones onto a black shirt, but at Cafepress, you'd have to have a white shirt with a black box with a white skull and bones in said box, which just looks kind of silly.
I was thinking of just a slick medium size logo or smallish pic in straight white or red with the name in some stylized lettering on a black underarmor T.

Something you could wear to the gym or when you're moving furniture or doing yard work.
Fresno Bob
Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe like a logo with a chinese dragon and a meat cleaver with 'Merciless Ming's Eating Establishment' or something like that under it in one of those stylized asian-esque fonts.
Hell we just need the art smile.gif
Meat cleaver idea is good.
Fresno Bob
I've got a few ideas for a layout, but I don't think I could produce a visually appealing logo with my art skills. All I'm really good at is drawing people who are standing around.
I have some ideas for the artwork .... I have some stuff on my machine at home.
I can produce a decent logo depending on the complexity.

If Dammi can send me that Kenji font that he has .... I can put some writing on there.

As far as artwork goes--

How about a picture of Lung or Ryumyo--or any of the Eastern Dragons, Great or Lesser-- wearing an apron and chef's hat?



So long as there's a big meat cleaver in there...the cleaver is a must.

The eastern dragon in apron and chef's hat sounds great...we'd have to see how it comes out.
Merciless Ming's full business name is "Bucking Fest Pizza" IIRC.
I see the logo on the front and some sort of fake menu on the back.
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