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Full Version: PDF/errata and french translation
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I have some questions about the PDF version and a possible french translation of SR4

First, for those, like me, who will buy the PDF version of SR4 (e.g. since they have to wait that the book crosses the north atlantic ocean), will it be possible to obtain the further printings (updated with the errata) of the PDF for free or on the cheap ?

Second, the SR books have been translated into french since the first edition. As mentioned on the SR official website (FAQ), Asmodee Edition/Jeux Descartes used to translate the SR3 books, even if there was long delays between the original and the french versions. Recently, Asmodee Edition claims to not have the intention to translate the fourth edition.
My question is : does anyone at FanPro/Wizkids/SR4 Team knows anything about a possible french translation of the SR fourth edition books ?

Thanks a lot !
1. Errata updates and other PDF updates should be free.

2. There is currently nothing in the works for a french translation.
Thanks a lot Adam !

here are a few more questions :

how much does it cost to obtain the rights to translate SR books ?

concerning SR1/SR2/SR3 books, who has to be contacted, if I want to publish (on the web) small parts (a few pages) of them translated into french ?

do you have any advices for anglophonic french fans who want to make SR available for the non-anglophonic french fans ?

Again, I thank you a lot !
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