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With Fanpro changing the level of power in the game how did this effect the critters? Did they decrease them as well or leave them alone? A 3rd edition Hell Hound going up against a 4th edition player could end up being a nasty challange for a change. Saw some mention that Dragons have not been down graded which means they are even nastier or should be. Any info?
Shinobi Killfist
good question, I'd really like to know about the jugernaut(sp?) That thing was unstopable in 1e(nothing stops the jugernaut, except the xmen and spiderman twice) and quite sisified by the time 3e rolled around. I mean I want it to be like the flavor text where the story told is about a rigger who dropped a cluster of AV bombs on a little one and the rigger thaught it may have felt it.

Critters went from scary to chumps, I want them scary again.
Critters have skills now.

Guard dogs got adjusted down a bit, they roll 6 dice to attack with a DV 2P, AP0. A wolf is similar (a couple different stats) with +1 unarmed combat.
Horses have no attack skill or weapon power, only running skill.
Sharks got powered down.
Barghest looks about the same, few more attack dice, DV 5P
Devil Rat is similar, rolls 8 attack dice though, DV 1P
Merrow and naga look about the same and the Thunderbird got scaled back a little.
Hellhounds also gained the "Fear" power for some reason. Years of breeding with barghests, perhaps? nyahnyah.gif
Shinobi Killfist
I've always wondered about the hellhounds fear power. Is it actually a magical power or is the only logical reaction you can have to a big fire breathing dog. biggrin.gif

So what no jugernaut stats??
QUOTE (Shinobi Killfist)
So what no jugernaut stats??

There are only 4 or 5 pages of Critters. Juggernauts are not exactly the most common Critters to be found in the SR universe. I'm guessing you'll have to wait a bit for that one.
The juggernaut was initially in Paranormal Animals of NA, and my guess is it will show up in Running Wild or something like that. It was nevr in a BBB to my knowledge.
Shinobi Killfist
naw it was in the GM screen's add on pamphlet last time I think. In SR2 they had conversion rules but I'm not sure if they actually had its stats. They may not be common but there the coolest of the cool.
Juggernauts are so much cooler than Drop Bears.

omg u see armadillo, it r ubarhuge.
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Juggernauts are so much cooler than Drop Bears.


But, they're not as cool as Pirate drop bears cool.gif
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