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Just so everyone knows, an index of SR4 has been released on
Hot diggity! Now I can plan what I am going to read first!

Time Saving Link for the impatient
Wow, and it even looks fairly complete for once and well thought out. Nice job Rita.
Yeah ... thanks ... I didn't know I could look forward to the pdf even harder ...
Aaaaaaaaah, I haven't slept that night waiting for the pdf, I need it, I want it, I mudt have it
*burts into tears*

thanks **sniffs*
Sort of a kick in the groin. Wake up hoping for the long since promised pdf and you see "Shadowrun 4 pdf.." on the top of the page (yeeeess). Then you see "..index". sarcastic.gif Yeah, that makes up for everything.

I know we are being nice to Adam, and I really donīt think heīs doing anything but his best. Just doesnīt seem to be enough does it?

You can start defending the man now, I know he deserves it. I also know Iīm being repeatedly let down here, and I got the right to be unsatisfied about it.
Rotbart van Dainig
Hrm... well, that doesn't seem to work that well on a PPC - but then again, if it's not locked, one could customize it for that oneself...
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