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Full Version: PDF wizards out there, about the PDF size.
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Does the PDF format have a "decal" feature in it? Such that the footer graphic that is on each page is stored in the file only one, and referenced back to the data for each page.

I noticed that the 5 page Index is about 0.7Mb If you did a simple ratio to determine the full PDF size you'd get around 50Mb to 60Mb.
You can make pdfs out of html pages. And the file size can be damn small in that case. The pdf of the entire Earthdawn 1st edition that was released not long ago is only about 12 mb and has backgrounds and pictures on every page (its true it looks like crap though). But if it was done better (would be nice if the artwork would fit the pages for example), then it would be completely fabulous. The chapter headings in the table of contents are clickable links, and so are key words in the text. If you have a question about something, most likely you can get your answer by just clicking on the word.
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