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Full Version: House Rule for Two-weapon Fighting
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I will propably go with something like this instead of the splitting of dice pools:

Firing two ranged weapons at the same target is counted as one attack. The attack suffers a -3 penalty, if ambidextrous the penalty is -1. Follow the rules for firing modes to determine recoil. Single shot adds 1 to the DV of the attack, Bursts and full-auto work as they do with the main weapon, eccept the base DV of the weapon is not counted and the bennefits are divided by 2 rounded up. All uncompencated recoil from both weapons apply. Firing on two targets requires splitting the dice pool and is concidered two separate attacks.

Melee fighting with two weapon imposes a -3 penalty, if ambidextrous the penalty is -1. Attacks on the same target with two melee weapons is concidered a single attack. The character may choose to be offensive or defensive with the second weapon by the start of each of itīs action phases. Offensively the attacks gain +1 DV. Fighting defensively the extra weapon grants +2 dice on all parry attempts.

I may find the energy to make up some examples in the future, but Iīm too hungry now. Feel free to take this appart, as I know you will. Itīs just some thoughts at this point and your input will possibly hone it into usable house-rules.

<<edited>> Changed the penalty from -2/0 regular resp. ambidextrous to -4/-2 regular resp. ambidextrous.

<<edited again>> Changed the penalty to -3/-1.
Marc Hameleers

Let's just say that i first want to see the offcial rules in action before changing them.

To me, splitting the Dice pool and then add the modifiers to both pools seem a good way of making double handed shooting difficult, but not impossible on short ranges. However, haven;t tried it yet in action, so we'll see.

In general you're indeas seem they could work as well. I just want to see the official stuff in action first!

Don't want to split die pools? For my first simple action I fire the gun in my right hand. For my second I fire the gun in my left hand.

Both in the same simple action? That should be freaky hard. How do you sight down two pistols at the same time?

Maby you could house rule that firing two pistols in the same simple actions is a poor man's burst fire?
Thatīs essentially what Iīve done. Under my rules you trade a lot more wasted rounds for getting a bit more of those lead-filling-the-air bonuses. The official rules make you do two separate tests, implying that you aim both guns separately. My rules are for pointing two guns at the same target and just firing like crazy.
ok, I see that now. Teach me to read fast.
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