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Full Version: SR4 Attributes
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I haven't got a copy of SR4 yet - and remain undecided as to whether I will or not - so I'm gleaning information from the boards.

On that note, can someone tell me if I got this right? I reference Talia's extensive DAQ:

Q. What is the chargen structure?

400 Build Points (bp)

    * 1: Free (+ any racial modifiers)
    * 2-5: 10 bp per point
    * 6: 25 bp

Maximum points allocated to physical + mental attributes is capped at 50% of total points. Magic, Edge, Resonance are not included in this cap.

Okay, so far so good. 200 points max into attributes, of which there are eight if I read the sample character sheets correctly; nine if you're a mage or technomancer, but the extra stat is irrelevant anyway since it doesn't fall under the attribute cap.

My big query comes here:

Q. What do the attribute ratings mean?

1 - weak
2 - underdeveloped
3 - typical
4 - improved
5 - superior
6 - maximum unmodified human

Emphasis mine.

A rating of 3 is typical, which I am taking here (justifiably, I think, from the descriptions) to mean "average human", and costs 30 BP's. 8 x 30 = 240 pts to be average in every stat, like the ordinary man in the street- 40 points more than is permitted under chargen. So unless I've gotten it wrong somewhere, a starting shadowrunner starts off less competent than a normal average human being.

Since I don't have the book, I can only assume I'm missing something. Can someone fill in the blanks here?
Crusher Bob
Like crack, the first point is free. It only takes 160 points to by typical in everything.
I knew there had to be a loophole. Starting runners are still naff, it seems, but at least not actually handicapped smile.gif

Cheers Bob.
i wouldnt say they're "naffed" (WETH that is), being that you can be average in 4, and improved on 4 stats, as a human, or, as a mage, get that magic attribute up to 4 as well.
Crusher Bob
Magic and edge do not count for the 200 points limit. You can spend 200 points
on B A R S C I L W alone.
i wouldnt say they're "naffed" (WETH that is),
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