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Full Version: Problem with Stiggysbaby?
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This is the online seller I've gottne my SR stuff from for the last 4 years including SoA just a couple of weeks ago. I figured they'll be the place I'd get syustem failure from when it's released in hard copy ,but as of last night they've pulled SoA and Loose Alliances from the pages. Anyone in the know, know if there's a problem with them and the publishers?
It's possible that they're just sold out. I don't believe they buy directly from FanPro/our sales/distribution arm at Studio 2 Publishing, so it's unlikely that there's a "problem" there.

I'd suggest emailing them to ask.
They're prety good about responding to emails. I had a couple of shipping problems but they rectified the issues very quickly and promptly.
i dont think it's a shipping problem thats the issue, but the fact that the products have (seemingly) tottally disappeared from their pages
That's their standard method of indicating that they don't have a product at this current time -- they pull the listing completely.
As Adam pointed out just send them an email. Like I said they'll most likely respond pretty quickly. They're very laid back.
Do you have an e-mail address.? the only one on the page is for orders using pay pal.
Adam lists as their general address.
Ah, it all becomes clear. From their front page:

Effective September 10th 2005, Stiggybaby's will no longer be adding new items or restocking existing products. All prices have been lowered. Items that sell out will be permanently removed from our selection. Stiggybaby's will close when all existing stock has sold and/or before December 31st 2005.
That sucks! I got all my stuff from them! frown.gif
I'm really tempted right now to go on a spending spree. But then again, I am drunk...

Ahhhhhh nuts. Thats where I buy 'em from. Anybody know of anyware else you can buy Shadowrun books from? I should point out that I work in a bookstore and I can't get them.

Paizo's online store:



Studio 2 Publishing:

Warehouse 23:

I'm not aware of any full-range online RPG stores that don't carry Shadowrun products.
Thank you Adam.

That really sucks because isnce moving to PA I got all my stuff from them and when I sent them an e-mail their response was just like they were out and were expecting a new shipment. DAMN!

Thanks as well. I have had a real pain of a time trying to get Shadowrun books ever since I moved. Figured working in a book store would help, but no. Gues MA. isn't much for Shadowrun, tough I doubt it. Liked the prices in Stiggybaby too. Is there anybody else in Eastern Mass who has trouble getting books? Or is it just me?

from adam's list, has anyone use "paizo"? They look to have the best lists. I'm just a little concerned that hte art work they show for the books are not always correct.
I haven't ordered from Paizo, but they're a very respectable company -- they publish Dragon and Dungeon magazine, and have for the past couple of years. The online store is a relatively new service for them, opened within the last year.

Not surprising that they sometimes use the older solicitation artwork, given the number of titles they have and the difficulty in keeping up with it all.
Cool, thanks.
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