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Full Version: New to Shadowrun: Pre-Published Adventures?
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Being fairly new to Shadowrun (dabbled in SR3 for one game session, but just recently picked up the SR4 book), I would just like to hear others' suggestions for a starting game.

Much to my dismay, there was no sample adventure in the gamebook, so it's difficult to see how much and how little detail might be required for certain gameplay aspects. Reading over a pre-published adventure helps me finds out things I didn't know before, as well as finding out what exactly *are* important things to remember and what *aren't*.

Can anyone recommend any decent "first level" adventures, even if they were for a previous version of SR? Or better yet, write-ups or chat logs of recent SR4 games? Anything with a good mix of all the different SR features (hacking, rigging, spellcraft, gunplay, Mr. Johnsons, etc...) that lets your group dabble in different aspects of the game system would be an added bonus.

Not sure if the post makes much sense, but thanks anyway! It's late and I'm tired. nyahnyah.gif
The Third Edition Quick Start rules [Available for free --] have a short introductory adventure. Bear in mind that it was tailored for the slimmed-down rules in the Quick Start booklet, but it has all the pieces to a basic adventure.
You might be able to find second hand or out-of-print old adventures on the internet or in game shops for a very small cost. The published adventures are generally the books that sell for least money unless they´re the popular ones like Harlequin.

I have personaly used old published adventures that I re-made for whatever current edition for all my gaming sessions. I´m gonna stop doing that now though. Might be good for learning the ropes, but they´re very generic and boring in the long run. I´m lazy, so I stuck with it for longer than I should have. Hopefully we´ll see more variaty in adventures for SR4.
I am in the process of writing an SR4 adventure, it will be nice and simple and I might just post it for everyone up here to look at...
That would be nice. I am extremely dissapointed that a "First Run" type adventure book was not out for a simultaneous release.
QUOTE (WhiteRabbit @ Sep 5 2005, 02:58 PM)
That would be nice.  I am extremely dissapointed that a "First Run" type adventure book was not out for a simultaneous release.

Hehe, they were hard pressed to get out just what they had scheduled. SF slipped to just after SR4, and in the end they didn't get SoLA out and won't be even be publishing it as a book, per say. It is now become a serialized teaser for Holostreets.
There's a beginner run in the works right now--Rob announced it at Gen Con. I'm not sure when it's due to come out, though. It will be geared toward newbies and contain a lot of GM hints and tips along with the actual adventure.
That's all good to hear. In the meantime, I'm gonna check out the quick-start rules and hang around the forums until the beginner run is out.
The official site has some adventures on there:

While not impeccable works of art, they are totally free and reasonably fleshed out.
Yeah, I'm probably just going to run my group through First Run. Converting everything over should keep me busy until Thursday.
Kyoto Kid
I had a good adventure arc almost ready to submit to Fanpro, but that was before I learned how vastly different SR4 was going to be from SR3. Many of the plot devices just do not work well with the new rules and setting. It would require a full re-write of the entire scenario to make it fit in the SR4 world. not a task I look forward to while also managing 40+/5 work week.

For those who stick with SR3 I may still try to find some way to release it.
It's not helpful for the immediate needs, but Shadowrun Missions will be switching over to 4th edition, most likely in late spring. We're currently working on having all of our authors learn the 4th edition world and system, and organizing the new storyline. As in the past, Missions adventures will be freely available for Conventions, Game Days, and yes, home use.
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