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Full Version: The Tick
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Street Name: The Tick
Alias: The Helping People Tick
Real Name: Unknown

Race: Albino Troll
Age 14


Body 12(13)
Quickness 5
Strength 10
Charisma 3
Intelligence 1
Willpower 7
Essence 6.00
Run Mult. 3
Magic 6
BioIndex 0
Reaction 3
Init. Dice 1


Unarmed Combat-SR3 6
Etiquette 3
Leadership 3
Athletics 6
Biotech 1
Intimidation 4

Gang Identification(KNO) 3
Criminal Organizations(KNO) 2

Edges and flaws

R:Alb:Bio-rejection 0
R:Mild Allergy Sunlight 0

Bonus Attribute Point(BOD) 2
Quick Healer 2
Toughness 3
Gremlins Lev 3 -3
Braggart -1
Incompetence-> Electronics -2
Amnesia Lev 1 -2
Pacifist -2

Adept Powers

Imp Ability: Athletics 4
Great Leap: 5
Freefall: 4
Combat Sense +1
Imp Ability: Unarmed Combat 4
Mystic armor 3

(all geased)

The Tick was the son of two career oriented wageslaves. His parents both worked long hours, often leaving home before he went to school and coming back long after he had fallen asleep. It was not uncommon for him to go weeks without seeing either of them. His surrogate parrents were the trid and doy dispenser. His nanny was the cleaning drone.
In school he wasn't exactly the brightest bulb. He barely squeeked by because the corporate teachers fudged his grades in deferance to his parent's contribution to the corporation. Other kids made fun of him because of his skin tone and his fighting skills were honed in schoolyard brawls.

When he goblinized into a troll and began expressing adept powers at age 12, his already tennuous grip on reality failed. He came to believe that he was a super hero.

Currently, The Tick possesses no knowledge of his past. He remembers escaping from a menta institution several months ago but has no earlier memories. He believes that he is a real tick.

The Tick currently defends the good people of the Redmond Barrens, which he refers to as The City. He leaps from rooftop to rooftop using his great leap power and athletic. In combat he is a tank. He can and has soaked heavy pistol shots during his encounters with gangers. Like any good super hero, he never kills. He only knocks out his enemies and ties them up with whatever is available.

The Tick only possesses one article of clothing, a blue FFBA suit with a pair of antenna. These antennas are his weakness. They are the talisman that all of his adept powers are geased to.
rotfl.gif That's great! I love the tick.
Fresno Bob
What about Arthur, or his 'dog' Speak?
Those Sidekicks would have to be earned in game. The Tick doesn't have the resources for a single extra level 1 contact, much less 2 level 3s.
LOL, wonderful!

Why am I now thinking of the Kids Next Door as a band of dwarven runners?
I can just picture it;

GM: "You're drving through the Redmond Barrens, on your way to meet your fixer, when someone in the backseat mentions that there's someone leaping from rooftop-to-rooftop, somehow keeping pace with the car. The passenger in front seat looks out also, and confirms there's some big, troll-sized guy in a blue bodysuit....and what looks like antenna on his head.

Player 1, driving: Is it those fraggin' insect spirits again? We sent them packin' already!

GM; The driver voices his concerns, just as the big blue guy gains some headway....turns & leaps off the building ahead of you, with a cry of what sounds like 'Spoooooooooooon!'....& lands squarely in front of the car!

Player 1: I slam on the breaks!

GM: Roll for reaction, everyone. (multiple dice roll, the GM tallys.) You are all surprised, but you're fine. As you pop open your car doors, you see your 'assailant' is covered from head to foot in a skin tight blue body-stocking, save for his face....a square-jawed, large-eyed male Troll with the widest grin on his face. He announces to you with a booming voice & outstretched hand;
QUOTE (Snow_Fox)
LOL, wonderful!

Why am I now thinking of the Kids Next Door as a band of dwarven runners?

Dare I mention the supid goofy kid that lives up the block with his skeletal-looking ally spirit that talks with a jamacan accent.
Probably not. wobble.gif But it's up with the kids living at the japanese boarding school who are fighting an AI.

they're not antenna, they're his horns, just really small ones compared to what we see on most trolls.

But compared with all that, Totally Spies seems tame.
I said they 'look like' antennae. I know full well they would be horns.
Don't they move around though?
You can't take incompetence in electronics unless you have the skill in the first place.

Although, 1 point in electronics does seem to make sence because the Tick likes to fiddle with bad-guy contraptions and good-guy alarm clocks all the time. wobble.gif
Keratin deficiency
I love the tick. He's even better dubbed to norwegain mind you. Can this troll also be dubbed with norwegian?
well there isnt any info on what native language he have so...
"Hey! Knock off all that evil!"
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