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Full Version: Blank white dice, anyone have a good source
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I'm looking around for a good source for blank white dice. The FLGS has a few singles, but not nearly enough in stock and no packs. They also want $3 CND for 4 dice. Online i've found a similar price for a pack of 12 pack blanks, but they are mixed colours (4-red, 4-white, 4-green, 4-yellow). Anyone know of a good source online? I'm also going to try get the FLGS to order some in and try get a bit of a bulk discount, but i'd like to know where things stand before approaching them.

Why is this in an SR4 forum?

I'm seriously considering doing up a bunch of blank's with a custom SR layout. Large bright green dot for 5's, Large bright green dot with a larger black line burst for 6's (easy to group together, for when Edge is involved), a medium sized red dot for 1's (smaller so easier to sort out from the Hits, especially for colour blind), and medium sized light yellow dot for 2's (sit in the background mostly, but there if you need them for a Rush Job on an Extended Test).
Crusher Bob
Some brief googleing gets me a price of USD .36 to .40 per die, that ~ .60 CAD isn't it?

Dark Elf blank dice
QUOTE (Crusher Bob @ Sep 7 2005, 12:28 PM)
Some brief googleing gets me a price of USD .36 to .40 per die, that ~ .60 CAD isn't it?

A couple of years back at the lowpoint of exchange for CDN to US, yes. But since the US dollar has tanked, and dropped rather a lot vs. CDN (just keep buying gas folks!), it's only about 48 cents CDN for 40 cents US.

P.S. That is one place had been checking out. I was just looking to see if anyone had any personal experience with online orders of dice or with shops that also did dice. I checked out the Chessex site and they were much more expensive.
Advancing Hordes is pretty much an on-line dice specialty shop. They seem to have a reasonable rep, and certainly have a good selection. The link above shows 6 blanks for $2.75US. No idea how much that works out to once shipping is added in, though.
How were you planning on applying your dots? Isnīt there danger of unballancing if you use paint?

<<edit>> Ah. Just realized that permanent markers would do the trick. Good idea this. But can you explain the yellow 2? Why is it needed?
I have a set of these. Give it a few hours to dry and really set in and you wouldn't have to worry about re-inking for months at least.
QUOTE (mintcar @ Sep 7 2005, 01:28 PM)
But can you explain the yellow 2? Why is it needed?

Page 59, Rushing the job. For an Extended test you can cut the interval time in half by increasing your chance of a Glitch. Instead of Glitching on 1's, you count 1's and 2's towards Glitches. Not sure how often that rule is going to be used.

I don't yet have a yellow permanent marker, would likely have to use either orange or maybe a smaller red dot or more likely a smaller orange dot. Or find a proper yellow permanent marker. Staedlter doesn't make one, at least in that style. I'll likely just check out the local Office Depot or something.

P.S. Push comes to shove i'll consider trying to do something with Fudge dice, but not sure how well that'll turn out. The cheapest i've found online is around 40 cents US including shipping, but to get that i have to buy 100 dice. Plus Customs is likely to grease me and and drive it home when it comes across the border.
I like your idea of having 5 and 6 marked by the same colour, but with an added black edge to 6. That will be a lot of work to paint though. Having 3 different colour, big round tip markers and just making a dot on each dice would be simpler.

A hundred dice doesnīt seem to me like to much, really. If you can afford it it would be an ideal amount.
I don't expect time to be so much a factor. I don't have the rock steady hands of an artist/artisan**, so i figured i'd either take a few minutes to make up a cardboard template or just have the SO do it. smile.gif I might just go with medium blue and larger green, though. *shrug*

** I didn't fully realise how much hand-eye someone could have until i found out the SO's father and his coworker, at a shoe sole die fabricator company, at one time had a competition to see who could freehand the more perfect circle. Basically it came to a draw, so to speak, because they both could consistantly freehand circles as close as could be measured with an etching protractor. So devation from round of less than the width of the pen mark on a 12" circle.
Donīt think a template would help you on that scale, so you better kiss up to the SO (significant other? Suppose you do regularly anyway). wink.gif

Iīm such a sucker for making props, I already ordered a hundred 16x16 mm dice from a swedish distributer of learning materials. I think I can do it good enough with a little patience. Iīm a former art major (or whatever you call it). Thinking of getting plastic cups to prevent the dice from scattering when you roll them too.
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