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Full Version: I need a little help
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I am running a demo this weekend and I need to know if there is a site that has some premade characters I could use to introduce 2 rpger's and a bunch of newbies to the game. I have a run to do but I don't have the time to have everyone write up a character, so I was just going with a random ass't of characters.

Thanks a bunch

Trevor biggrin.gif
Well, you'll probably get some 'use the archetype' type replies.... nyahnyah.gif

Feel free to use our beginning characters at:

All but Thunder should be starting-level, Thunder is my character so I update him regularly. But FYI, these characters are a wee bit on the min-maxxed side.... nyahnyah.gif We tend to put rules at the same priority as roleplaying in our games, which is kinda... high. nyahnyah.gif


fun bunch of characters to run looks like

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