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Full Version: Funniest Glitch so far
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I think the title say it all.

I'm just wondering if so far you've seen glitch embarrassing your player. What was the worst(or the better?), does it happen very often(i've saw some stats in another tread that were much teachfull concerning the chances of scoring glitch and critical glitch).

I just wanna read funny story, know how you handle glitch and critical glitch and learn how the runners got out of those situation.

I had a double whammy glitch in a game that resulted in friendly fire. The human street samurai sample character and the ork gunsligner adept (it was a small mid-western con so I just took the sample characters rather than dealing with character generation) were entering into a location where they expected an ambush. There were two goon as and a mage lieutenant that they had to deal with.

The entered from the west end of the building, where only one of the goons was on lookout, but expecting the worst, the ork went in first and moved across the sammies field of fire to cover. The sammy, however, it was planned would open up with full automatic suppression fire. I explained the problem with doing suppression fire while friendlies were potentially in the way, so the ork intended on belly crawling his way to safety while the sammy covered him.

The problem is that the sammy rolled a critical glitch, thus, I ruled that both individuals in the field of fire, the goon and the troll, were catching stray bullets. Luckily, with no hits, the damage value of the weapon wasn't staged up. I misremember which machine gun the street sammy character has, but it was loaded with ex-ex ammo that the sammy had purchased (if it isn't on the sheet to begin with).

The good news is that the goon was pretty much out of commission after take some rounds in the chest. The ork , however, took 9 boxes of damage since the troll, unfortunately, also glitched.

It was interesting, too, since after that debacle those two characters ended up getting only 1 or no hits for the rest of the game (though no more glitches) and became the first two players I racked up on my kill sheet in SR4.
So you, uh, make notches in your hardcover? biggrin.gif
Little Demo throw away to introduce SR4 to friends.
They make their characters:
An uncouth combat mook and a combat hacker, with a fetish for knives.
(the other members were at a cook-out)

Using the fiction, I send them to pour the nasty taste (aka poison) and retrieve data.

They decide to follow the Johnson's Weasel's instructions and pour then filtch.
While casing the joint as they approach, the hacker/slasher critical glitches his perception test.
I ruled that he was absolutely certain that the bum, a half block away, was actually an undercover security officer of some sort, and that he'd 'made them'.
So, they roll for initiative, and he wins (poor homeless guy) and charges, only to critically glitch on the attack roll, thus tripping and face planting into a puddle of random nasty mess. The Bum is obviously freaked out as he's the only guy on the street close enough to have been the target, the other team member cooly draws his unsilenced pistol and offs the bum (they have played before, the lack of a silencer was by choice).
(Lucky them, the lone guard failed to generate a hit on the perception test).
Once inside the fence, they make perception tests for opposition. The hacker glitches (again) and I tell him he hears something off around the back. Infiltrating around, he spots a gruad from another compound getting a hummer from a joy-toyin the back lot. Smirking he returns to the front of the building to complete the run.
This brings up a stuipd question in my mind:

If you are testing to see if you notice a invisible/hiding person and you glitch, what do you do?
QUOTE (Bandwidthoracle @ Sep 8 2005, 01:31 PM)
This brings up a stuipd question in my mind:

If you are testing to see if you notice a invisible/hiding person and you glitch, what do you do?

If you Glitch but succeed you mean? Because you can Glitch, but not Critical Glitch, and still fail to reach the Threshhold.

Not a stupid question at all. Ummm, maybe you detect the presence of the invisible/hiding person, but misidentify them as someone else?
Glitch w/ hits : there's something moving arround out back. you know it's there, but it may just be some leaves in the wind, or a plastic bag or something. then again, it could be that force 27 fire elemental you heard about. (character knows that there's something there, but is unable to pinpoint it's location, to more accurate than "somewhere in the parking lott"

Critical Glitch: You hear something moving arround in the office building, next to the parking lott. it sounds like there's maybe 5 or 10 of them, and you're pretty certain that you just heard a couple of combat shotguns being cocked. Fortunatly, you've noticed that if you were to position yourself behind that security vehicle, they wont be able to spot you. (actually, there's an invisible security ninja atop the vehicle....)

OR... the character somehow manages to turn arround, just in time to catch that tree coming the other way. (you've all seen Thin Man) the character doesnt actually make any noise, the tree however vibrates madly, and bangs against the metal bit of that external bell he'd failed to notice. (net result, runner takes 1 box 'o' stun, and EVERYONE in the compound knows where he is.
But now that you mention it, was this openly rolled by the player or behind the GM screen? Because if rolled openly you might want to cover the real Glitch conciquence with something like the PC being started by discovering the invisible/hidden character that they jammed their pickin' finger up their nose (no in game consiquence). vegm.gif
gah, i keep forgetting that SR4 have two levels of glitch nyahnyah.gif

i had to re-read nokolis post to spot that the last glitch was a normal, not a critical. as in he hears something but its totaly unrelated to the action happening.

on the other hand, had it been a critical glitch he would have most likely not heard anything and walked into a trap wink.gif
Our Mystic Adept was trying to talk to someone at the Harbor, and critically glitched on her Etiquette test. They dumped her into the Ocean. smile.gif
How about your street sammie takes a shot at someone with his smartlinked gun, and on the critical glitch he gets a popup in his cybereyes: "To remove pop-ups for good, click here!" and futzes up the shot. =)

Gives new meaning to the term Blue Screen of Death. biggrin.gif
yet again i state, do not buy your comlink os from microdeck...

or is it microlink now?
The reinvented their image in 2015, to Path Microtronics, and later merged with E-tech Systems, now they are known as Path-E-Tech.
2015? err, i belive its still talked about in new seattle as microdeck...
QUOTE (hobgoblin)
2015? err, i belive its still talked about in new seattle as microdeck...

It was a joke. Path - E - Tech = Pathetic.
*slaps face* duh...
Geez, a geek forum that misses a Dilbert reference
QUOTE (Nikoli)
Geez, a geek forum that misses a Dilbert reference

Barking up the wrong tree, here. I don't think many folks here read Dilbert regularly. nyahnyah.gif
I find that eccedingly hard to believe.
QUOTE (Nikoli)
I find that eccedingly hard to believe.

biggrin.gif agree grinbig.gif
sorry, userfriendly, real life, megatokyo, gpf, order of the stick, but no dilbert. atleast to on my regular list...

maybe because dilbert never realy triggers me as a geek comic the way userfriendly does. to me dilbert is more of a office mismanagement comic...
so your into computers? I assume you're familiar with an I - D 10 -T problem then?
I often find that the root of all system problems is either, in the cmd.cfg file there is a user = ID 10 T, or, it's a major issue with the chair-to-keyboard interface.
At work we use a Problem Management Service Center piece of shit, in it when we close a problem ticket, we have to list cause. I want them to add PEBKAC as a reason.
QUOTE (Slump)
I often find that the root of all system problems is either, in the cmd.cfg file there is a user = ID 10 T, or, it's a major issue with the chair-to-keyboard interface.

AKA biological input error.
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