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Full Version: SOA-Proteus
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I thought Proteus AG had been destroyed by Lofwyr based off rumors I'd heard about Shockwaves. But it was given a very brief mention in SOA.

It's been a long time since Shockwaves came out in German only Can we at long last have some answers to......

What happened to Proteus AG?

What was their true agenda? ( I figured some sort of survivalist agenda )

Do they still follow this agenda or has the leadership behind it gone bye-bye?

They're not destroyed, they're under control of a corporation board. Don't have Shockwaves at hand, so i can't come with further details.
[ Spoiler ]
Fascinating, FlakJacket. I don't recall any of that. Mind you, I've never seen any of the German stuff. Can you be more specific about your references? (Man, I gotta re-read SOTA 63 and 64 again?
Most of the stuff is from german only adventure Schockwellen"... Search the boards for it, a lot of stuff was posted...
So ka.
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