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Full Version: Mapsofts? A question...
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Mapsofts, described on page 320, do not say how big of an are they cover. The exact words are "a particular area".

Is this a 1 square kilometer? A district? A city? A block?
I would guess that the smaller the ariea, the more detail given.
Lord Ben
I'd say a map of a city gives city type info like streets, etc. A map of a corporate HQ would probably be like blueprints.
I imagine most mapsofts are like maps today. You can get everything from a map of the enite world, country maps, state maps, city maps, or even smaller areas.

The most useful general maps for a small area in North America are probably based on updated versions of the USGS Topographic maps, which cover between 50 and 60 square miles each at 1:24,000 scale.

Take a look at TopoZone for instance, to see what level of detail they have. For street maps, take a look at something like Google maps to get an idea what the characters should expect out of thier mapsofts.
Do mapsofts help you do what the hacker did in Buzz!Kill? Pinpointing enemy positions on a map you give to your friends?

What exactly would you need to do in order to accopmplish that anyway?
dont have the book but it sounds a bit like having a map, know ones own locations and using maths to calculate where the enemy is based on your location. then you send said coordinates to your friends via maybe a IM and they have similar map files available and can feed the coordinates into it.

basicly its what battletac does in SR3. only diff is that there all signals go to a master unit that collects all data, looks for redundant info (like say 2+ people reporting the location of the same enemy) and then transmitt the sorted info back out to everyone on the subscription list.

info may include stuff like what metatype the target is, what kind of visible gear he is sporting and so on. it realy depends on how much info the users have time to feed into the system.
One way I was thinking is this... the hacker has 3 teammates. He has each of their comms as a window on his AR/VR. He also has the security camera(s) open in a window(s). He has a map open in another window. He uses the information from the cameras to support and Edit task on the map which he then pushes out to his teammates.

For this example let's say there are 2 cameras. That is a total of (3 teammates + 2 cameras + 1 map) 6 things you are subscribed to at once (requiring a System of 3). I'm not sure what type of action (Simple?) it is to observe what is happening in the camera windows.
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