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A player of mine is questioning the essence cost to put devices in artificial limbs. Example is the cybereye which costs .5 essence at rating 4. Now the eye comes with a pretty hefty capacity rating but anything put into the eye (such as Flare Compensation) still cost essence and takes up capacity. Why? I mean the eye has already been replaced so why should something added to it cost even more essence? If its as simple as I am misreading it fine otherwise it just does not make sense. Also the charts indicate that when you do buy a cybereye at the above rating it costs .5 essence but that it includes an image link and eye recording unit except those items have their own essence cost. Should this be added to the cybereye essence cost or is it assumed into the eyes cost? Thoughts folks? I don't want to be arburtrary to my players and the question does seem valid to me.
I maybe wrong (I don't have the book here), but I'm pretty sure the essence cost is only applied if you're trying to add it to your own organic eye. As an add-on for a cybereye you only use the capacity rating.
Rotbart van Dainig
Items that have a Capacity rating may be installed in cyberlimbs instead, costing capacity rather than Essence.

Eyeware subsystems either take up Capacity in a cybereye or Essence in a natural eye (not both).

Like eyeware, earware can be installed within a complete cyberear replacement (costing Capacity) or as an inner ear modification (costing Essence).
Thanks! New there had to be a ruling some were and I just missed it.
Thanks again.
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