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Full Version: Autonav chips and Knowsofts
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Can't find the answer anywhere in the books, so I appeal to the rules ninjas.

1) What is the Mp needed for Autonav chips? Formulas, or straight Mp usage?

2) Can Autonav chips be used by the knowsoft link? I.E. plug in the map and you know it instantly.

Thanks for the help.
Dunno if it's listed anywhere, but map datasofts in Man and Machine on page 18 are described as costing 25 nuyen for a basic city street map (basic autonav routes), and a detailed city block map (including sewage, gas, and electrical maintenance accessways) costing 1,000 nuyen. Comparing that with Datasoft prices (Mp times 100 nuyen), you get about 0.25 Mp for a basic city street map, and about 10 Mp for a detailed city block map. Anyone else have a better reference?

I doubt that Autonav chips are knowsofts... they are probably more like maps. For a Knowsoft, you'd probably need an Area Knowledge: Podunk for "knowing" maps instantly, with the appropriate rating. You might be able to interface the Autonav map chips with a cybernetic Orientation System to give you such awareness, of course.

EDIT: Shadowtech's Orientation System on p63 lists a basic city street map at 250 nuyen, with a intricately detailed building map at 750 nuyen.
Perfect! That's exactly what I needed, thanks.
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