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Full Version: Sensing metamagic?
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How does this particular technique work ..?

I've seen it mentioned in connection to druids and to geomancy, and that it involved identifying type, power level etc. of leys, power sites and similar; but I haven't a copy atm of Target: Awakened Lands and am trying to get a grasp of the system to flub my way along until I find one *grins*

Any tidbits would be greatly appreciated smile.gif

You already know as much as you can without the book in hand and we can't really tell much more than that without quoting the passage in the book whole.
Ancient History
You've got MitS, right? Think of it as a bigger version of the magic sense adept power.
Yeh, I have MitS ... just did a repair-job on it, in fact *chuckles*

Thank ye kind, Ancient History; that'll go a nice way towards me banging out a few rulings for myself smile.gif

I'll check my T:AL for range, but basically it senses differneces in the mana in the area, detecting things like powersites, mana ebbs, etc, but not wards or foci and the like.
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