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Full Version: Rule of Six
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Chiba Cowboy
I have yet to acquire a copy of the book and was just wondering about a little issue. I seem to remember someone mentioning that the Rule of Six no longer applied to all tests, but that there was an option for it to happen. What are the implications of this? Does it go some way towards resolving the low number of dice vs high difficulty number problem?
If you add Edge to a dice pool before you roll, any dice that come up a 6 grant you an additional die to roll on the test. IIRC, it is also possible to roll your dice pool (without using Edge) and before you learn the result you can add Edge and only 6s rolled with Edge grant additional dice.
It means you want to make sure to tap a point of Edge before you roll, because then you get to apply rule of 6 to all the dice for that roll. If you tap Edge for dice to suppliment a roll after you made the initial roll then you only get to apply rule of 6 to the Edge dice.

Oh, and it certainly does help when you have your back to the wall, and the task is enormous. Like someone gets the drop on you and blasts at you with a Cannon Of Death™ while you have no cover, little armor, previous serious wounds, etc.

P.S. The ultimate implication is that you properly estimating the difficulty of a task before trying to perform it is very important, and Edge is a low use but extremely important Attribute.
Chiba Cowboy
Cheers for the info. I guess I need to pass the time until the book wings its way to these shores...

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