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Full Version: the cyberdecks gand-father?
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I'm surprised at such a low resolution. I mean, they're pulling the rest of the specs out of their collective ass, why not add that one as well?

maybe they want to keep some air of realism over it wink.gif

rember, go flat out and everyone and their dog will call it a hoax.but keep atleast some of it within the realm of realism and maybe someone will get fooled silly.gif
Eh. Using non-volatile RAM in a computer for storage has been around for decades. The very first HP Omnibook, for instance, had two options: a 40 Mb Type II PCMCIA hard drive, or a 10 Mb Type I PCMCIA card. Windows 3.1 was buil onto a ROM PCMCIA card that went into another slot.

They sold fairly well, from what I remember, because they were light and battery efficient compared to other notebooks. But, they were expensive and I don't know how reliable they were.
Oh, yes, NVRAM isn't new or impossible. Check the rest of the specs.

This was revealed at the Vegas Consumer Electronics Show this year. While in all likelihood it's total vaporware, with a convenient little mock up to fool the rubes... the reporting press seems to be of two minds on it. Or maybe 1.5 minds. Namely: "This is probably bullshit, but we haven't been able to call them on it... And wouldn't it be cool if it were real?"

The thing that trips me out is my bullshit meter says "Total bollocks!" But for some of the basework technology for this, he won some kind of award from CES the year before. So I figure maybe he's got something new, but has dressed it up to be drastically more powerful than it really is. I mean... who wins an award for something that screams BS unless they have a grain of something new in it?

Edit: Man, the more I look at this guy's webpage, the more confused I get. Like... have you seen the other gadgets he has on his page? They seriously appear to be cobbled together out of junk. So he's either brilliant with one or two things and totally freakin' deranged with others, or he's an awesome salesman in person, who's totally full of crap.
No, he's totally full of crap period smile.gif.

I'd love to see just how he got a 32-bit OS to recognize 1TB of RAM. rotfl.gif
Well, I'm voting for awesome salesman in person, and full of crap.

Cuz he's apparently covered his bases enough to obfuscate the bullshit for every publication who's tried to call him on his BS. They've been like, "Well, we'd love to say he's full of shit, but he has patents on this crap, and we just can't find anything specific to say BS at!"

Which is the hilarity of capitalism at its' finest.
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gah, typical me to sneak a typo in there...
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