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Full Version: Reality Filters, standard issue?
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A few situations, let me know if these seem valid to you (and if not, why not):

FIRST EXAMPLE (The not-so-useful one):
He-Man starts with a maxed out deck with System 6, Response 5. Since his System rating is reduced to his Response rating his effective System rating is 5, allowing him 5 programs without additional reduction in System.

He-Man runs a Reality Filter using his Response of 5. If he fails, he unloads his Reality Filter, and reloads it. (Complex action to load, not sure about unload). Once successful he adds 1 Response which allows him to continue running the Reality Filter and 1 additional program that he can now load as his Response is now 6 which matches his System rating.

Upside: The net gain is an increase in Response not programs.

Downside: An Analyze action used to find him gets to test versus his Stealth every turn and can't be done in advance because it only affects the node you're in. The time it takes him to get the Reality Filter in place might be worth the Response or not.


SECOND EXAMPLE (The sales pitch of Reality Filter salesmen at StufferShack):
He-Man runs an Agent-4 which per the rules has an effective System and Response of 4. The Agent runs a Reality Filter, which raises his Response to a 5. The Agent's System rating is still 4 but now he can run 7 programs total at a -1 Response which still leaves the Agent a 4 Response and thus level 4 programs as payload.

Upside: Independant rating 4 Agents that can pull off the Response+Reality Filter test (at -1 if independant since they must start encumbered) can run 7 programs without penalty.

Downside: Those that fail have to keep trying wasting time and risking discovery/Intruder Alert by an Analyze program.

Is there ANY reason not to have Reality Filters standard issue for ev-er-y-thing? smile.gif
As an aside, I humbly suggest to the Devs that unloading a Reality Filter is a contested roll just like activating it. On failure, have it stay in place.
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