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Full Version: post Gencon release date?
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anyone know when it is going to hit the rest of the world, namely texas.
three things:
one, welcome to the board
two, welcome to texas
three, that being said, latest i heard was tail end of september for any printed editions unless you special order them from like battlecorps or something and have them overnight it

When will battlecorps start shipping?

QUOTE (Pelaka)
When will battlecorps start shipping?

QUOTE (Fortune)
QUOTE (Pelaka @ Sep 15 2005, 02:51 PM)
When will battlecorps start shipping?


my Patience™ is running out though!
O no! Not Soon™!!!
mis post.
i'm sorry i was under the impression that they already were shipping

They should have received it by now, but I would expect them to inform buyers if they had, so they propably have not. frown.gif
I ordered mine the day it became available and checking the order status nothing has changed since the 20th where it says their staff will be at GenCon until the 21st and that orders will be filled in the order they arrived starting the 22nd. So I don't think they have started shipping. It would be nice if they did since the 1 month date will be tomorrow and I've already been charged the money for it.
I've tried emailing Battlecorps for a status update on my order, and have yet to hear a single peep out of them. Even an auto responder would be welcome at this point.
Echo that paul, Pre-ordered mine 08-16 still showing pending status at BattleCorp. Nothing Nada Zip, getting kinda antzy.......
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