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Zen Shooter01
I downloaded it, but it didn't work. I used Mozilla to download - could that have been the problem?
Heck I didn't even get that far. The page has errors and won't load.
Even though it's written in javascript and might possibly run in the browser, it's an OS X Dashboard widget, meaning it's targeted at running in OS X 10.4's Dashboard environment and not in a browser.
Solstice quaint.
biggrin.gif Sweet revenge

(Kidding. Though that feeling you are displaying is the same as when some eejit keeps me out of the loop by making a movie .avi movie with WMV3, even though there are lots of cross platform alternatives. Only when I complain, people tell me to buy a PC sarcastic.gif)
Then maybe you should buy a PC?
Or just use VLC.
The thing is that WMV3 - .avi is the only combination that is not cross platform. Any other format can be watched by all computers with VLC or WMP. This specific combination can only be watched on x86 processors for some stupid reason, witch cuts out about 10% (or something) of the viewers, namely us mac-users. Trust me, there is no way around it other that getting a pc, getting Virtual PC (lousy preformance) or people stop using this unnecessary combination of tools.
I must have never run into it before then. Lucky me.
We do it so you get the hint that no one writes software for mac...
QUOTE (Connor)
Or just use VLC.

Always a good choice.
QUOTE (Supercilious)
We do it so you get the hint that no one writes software for mac...

Bungie used to, before Uncle Bill bought them. I still remember the days when Halo was planned to be a Mac game first, then ported soon afterwards to PC.
Mac is a better OS, but no one uses it. Windows has snowballed past being stopped until Microsoft screws up like ME a second time.
I think the evidence is pointing against that.

sad thing is even with another screw up... nobody will change from windows due to one big reason - compatability and familiartiy

Do you want to retrain say 100+ workers on how to use a computer?
Do you want to try to find applications that duplicate the functionality of what you use now (and since you already paid for them... cost effectively)?

Zen Shooter01
Uh, yeah, what you guys said.

How do I make the widget work?
I think the options are:

Get a mac with Tiger (OS X 10.4)

If you have an intel chipset, then you may be able to download the intel OS X beta and install it on your computer and use it.

The other option available, although I have no idea if it works, and personally don't expect it to, but Konfabulator does a similar thing to Dashboard, and it might be able to use a dashboard widget.
Zen Shooter01
Um, I think I'll try small plastic cubes... nyahnyah.gif
I've gotten my dice roller working on a Mac (OS 10.3) but I had to install Python 2.4 first and get the Tk/Tcl GUI package (IIRC it was called AquaTk) before it would run. You could try downloading the source code from the site linked above and giving it a go if you really need a dice roller on a Mac. One day I'll determine how to make a Mac install package for my program but for now I'm worried about finishing the extended test roller.
Well, if anyone's interested in building a free cross-platform dice roller, there's always Konfabulator.
It sorta works on my PC. I don't get whatever introscreen its apparently suposed to give and I get a broken image before I roll it for the first time. Its a nice program with a good appearance. Even organizes the rolls by highest to lowest it seems.
QUOTE (Supercilious @ Sep 16 2005, 01:25 AM)
We do it so you get the hint that no one writes software for mac...

I get the joke. But just in case you didnīt know, thatīs not true wink.gif . I very rarely run into compatability problems at all. The WMV3-divx issue is the only non-computer-game related problem I can think of right now. Thankfully even that is very rare, as there is no reason whatsoever (that I know of) not to use the standard Xvid codec when making a Divx movie (so itīs not so strange you havenīt encountered it Connor).
Little Tim
In my continuing attempt to ride on Dashifen's coat-tails you can get a free cross-platform dice roller here: Java SR4Dice.

You may need to get an updated copy of Java at
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