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Full Version: Grenades!
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Zen Shooter01
Hey! I just noticed grenades in SR4! They kill people! biggrin.gif

Gone, gone are the days when you could set off a grenade in your mouth as a party trick! Gone, gone are the days when an alarm clock was a surer method of waking a character up! Hooray! Hooray!
Kyoto Kid
That'll make my bio-sammy Tomoe very very happy. She just loves Grenades & is one hell of a pitcher too (her great grandfather was Kazuhiro Sasaki, the ace closer for the M's back before the awakening).

Talk about being able to throw some real heat now....
what they thought that hand grenade hot potato in a confined space didnt kill anyone..... someone wasnt using the rules right......grenades have always killed in our games, its just a matter of did it kill a PC....(i went supernova when a pair of WP grenades cooked off on my chest) or the enemy, (whole team played handgrenade hot potato from an enclosed room with the sec guards in the hallway....they didna like us very much but we got the last laugh)

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