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Full Version: AR Interfaces
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What are the various options a hacker character has for interfacing with augmented reality? I understand that visual data can be displayed on goggles, lasses, contacts, or cybereyes, and adio via earpieces or cyberears. If I missed anything there, please say so. As for interfacing with AR, what are the alternatives to using AR gloves? I' want to make a character who doesn't need to put on a bunch of stuff to use AR, so I'm looking for cyberware that wll let me do it with only my commlink and cyberware. Would I need a simrig, touchlink, or what?
If you have a datajack or 'trodes, you can hook up to your commlink with a DNI. Faster and more effective than AR gloves. A touchlink is only required if you wish to experience the touch-based sensorium of AR objects... you can probably get by with just an image-link and audio-link/earbuds. A sim module (cyber or as a commlink accessory) is necessary to experience simsense and thus VR.
Shoulden't this be in the SR4 board?
Ah, that's what I wanted to know. So with a simrig, touch link, and datajack, all I'll need is to connect the commlink to the datajack. Perfect.
Don't even need the datajack if you use a wireless/skinlinked trode net or nano-trode paste. I personally like the possibility of a cyber-free future for those in good health.
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