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Full Version: House rule Qualities
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Dark Scrier
I'm churning out as many characters as humanly possible, and I'm stuck for some ideas.

Anyone tried converting some of the older edges or flaws, or had ideas for new ones?

I didn't mind that burned out idea posted earlier, as one of the characters I was looking at was a burnout.

Fire away people, inspire me!
already worked on that and pending GM approval you get/costs you 5bp for every edge/flaw point.....most of them convert that way, and you know how editions differ slightly

Space Ghost
i've been thinking of a quality that lessens or completely removes the -2 penalty on physical actions while astrally perceiving, as well as negative version that increases the penalty. Can't decide on the cost though, since it would might make all other vision enhancers obsolete. On the other hand, different GMs allow different levels of detail while using astral sight, and i don't think you can see through glass and other transparent objects.
QUOTE (Space Ghost)
... and i don't think you can see through glass and other transparent objects.

According to canon, objects like barriers (partially) maintain their intent on the Astral. A window (or other clear object) is transparent, while a wall is not.
Eyeless Blond
I was thinking of making a second Incompetent-ish Flaw.

Inept (Bonus: 3pt/level): Though you are well-trainned in a particular Active skill, somehow you still manage to screw up when actually using it. You take a -2 dice pool modifier for any use of the skill per level of this Flaw. You cannot have more levels in this Flaw for any individual skill than you have ranks in that skill. You cannot specialize in a skill you are Inept at.

Example: Joe the mage has the Conjuring skill group at 3 ranks, but has Inept level 2 for Binding. He takes a -4 dice pool modifier whenever attempting to use his Binding skill.

Sound balanced, or should it be lowered to 2pts/level?
I think that is how incompetent could have been written better.
Mainly because it covers use with skill wires where RaW doesn't.
Eyeless Blond
That's a good point. I mainly thought of it to give a legit use for the Flaw, rather than being the completely free BPs or hamstringing your char choice that you have with Incompetent.

So how about the value? Is 3/level too good?
freeby idea roof runner ala parkour. A roof entry specialist that doesn't use ropes, just jumps from roof top to roof top and comes in that way. high athletics and enhanced agility and other magic augs.
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