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Full Version: Dodging multiple attacks
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I finally bought the PDF last night, and it says (paraphrasing here, since I don't have it at this computer), that you take a -1 penalty to dodge if you've dodged at least 1 other attack in the current initiative pass.

From what I've read on the forums, I had the impression that there was a cumulative penalty, -1 for each previous attack that you've dodged. But the actual text in the PDF says nothing about the penalty being cumulative, and in fact the wording suggests that it's not.

Am I missing something? Where did the idea that the dodge penalty is cumulative come from?
The cumulative penality is for Full Defense. EDIT: I guess not, i thought it was just on Full Defense.
Page 150:

"Defender Has Defended Against Previous Attacks
If a character has defended against at least one other attack
(melee or ranged) since his last action, apply a 1 cumulative
modifier for each additional defense roll."

Edit: Oh, answered already
Errr... nevermind. I guess I'm just blind.
I read that paragraph about 4 times, too, and I swear it didn't say "cumulative" anywhere. But now that I check, of course it does smile.gif
Speaking of this, when I ran a game with a couple players and a bunch of NPC baddies, it was somewhat difficult to keep track of how many times a character has rolled dodge dice since their last turn. I know we probably messed it up, but nobody seemed to mind.

I'm considering making little dodge tokens for the characters. Every time they get shot, I give them one. Whenever they get a turn, they give the tokens back to me.

Anyway, I like the mechanism. But the cumulative penalty roll really pissess off my NPCs who have to roll 4 seperate dodge checks against my player who uses two SMGs, wide burst-fire.
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