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QUOTE (Rotbart van Dainig)
'abilities' is no TT, and thus covers nearly anything from specialisations, qualities or adept/critter powers or the like...

That's an interpretation. I assumed it meant Adept powers and the like. Besides, SnowRaven says it explicitly mentions Specializations. That's what I'm waiting for a reference to.

Rotbart van Dainig
Well, considering notations, Specialisations use exactly the one used for Augmented Skills...

As said, as long as there is no clear border of 'abilities', qualities and specialisations fall under it.

Not that this is always a bad thing - when your medic with a spec in combat wounds patches you up, two extra boxes max are a nice thing.
Bleh. The more I read, the larger headache I get. Perhaps they mean one thing, perhaps they mean the other. Without clarifications and we can post all day about our interpretations.
This thing is starting to have more abiguity than realigious text with just as many interpretations. I really enjoy SR4 and want it to work well... but I just wish I didn't have to have what would be "House Rules" to some poeple for it to work.
If its supoosed to be a more streamlined system, why do I constantly find rules that take more time than its SR3 version? The only thing thats been streamlined is combat. And I don't know about everyone else, but combat takes up rather little of my game sessions if all goes decently.
I pray for a major errata or FAQs to help us poor lambs. spin.gif
At least one example character (Bounty Hunter) has Skill (Specialization) 1 (+2). Why would they do that if specializations were subject to the cap? They gain nothing by taking that specialization if it is.

Also, there are examples (I'll post a reference later) where they break the skill cap with specializations in an example scenario.

Rotbart van Dainig
..well, the sample characters are not exactly perfect...
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