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Full Version: Any Darwin gamers here?
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As my main gaming group tends to be a little hit and miss (we havent played in about 4 weeks now due to conflicting schedules nyahnyah.gif) im looking for a second gaming group. I'm keen to get into SR4, but happy to continue SR3 or even other pencil and paper games.

So if you have a group with a spare slot in the darwin area let me know, I'm keen to get some more gaming in smile.gif

Also if anyone knows of some good RPG discussion boards/sites for australians that aussie game groups might visit could they let me know?
There's a whole forum for these kinds of things.
Where were you when I was up there? nyahnyah.gif
Sorry Liper, i didn't see that forum at first, i only looked at the titles, didnt see the sub-heading for GM's/player register

Fortune: I've been in darwin for about 8 years now, but only over the last 6 months or so had a steady enough work schedule to actually play, if you know of anyone you could put me in contact with, i would be extremely grateful smile.gif
There's an old hippy that used to run a stall at the big-assed mall up there. He knew everyone in Darwin who even thought about RPGs. You might want to see if he's still there.

Also, I recall the owner of the gaming shop near the mall was pretty decent as well.

Between the two of them, they used to have a fairly extensive Shadowrun back catalogue.
Yeah his stall has been gone for a couple years, i think he may have opened a shop at palmo though so that might be worth checking.
The comics NT shop nearby, the owner doesnt know of any groups but im gunna put an ad up on the notice board to see if that gets any replies.

Thanks for your help anyways smile.gif
No problem. Sorry I can't help more, but last time I was there was in 2000.
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