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I been reading through the FanPro product list because I have several holes in my SR book collection (yea yeah, shame on me), but what book has the Product ID of 25005?

State of the Art 2064 - 25004
Loose Alliances - 25006
That's the stock number of Running Wild, a book that got pulled from the queue because it was going to be a "rules book" rather than a "source book" and 4th edition was coming out.

Any idea what sort of rules it contained?
Of course, those people who know are doubtless forbidden from spilling the beans due to NDAs and such. Still, various things can be figured out from hints and old teasers that have been put up on this site and others.

Running Wild was intended to not be a "Monster Manual", but in its German teaser was billed as having rules for playing with and as paranormal critters of the sixth world. I would expect that it was going to have revised (one might be tempted to say "fixed") rules for Shapeshifters and Ghouls as player characters, probably introduce some other creatures as playable as well.

Speculations abound of course, but noone knows who is allowed to say.

Although Running Wild was not originally intended to be a 'Monster Manual', I believe that is now part of the plan for when it is finally released (i.e SR4's version of Critters), along with the stuff that Frank listed.
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